First Look at Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins above

Hello Guys,  I thought you guys  might like to take a look at some of the newest pictures released by Entertainment Weekly.  If your anything like me and like everything Hobbit or otherwise related to that world, then these are some of the coolest pictures you will see of the upcoming movie. Just go to Entertainment Weekly’s Section here to find more cool pictures.

I have loved Martin Freem since I saw him in the UK Version of The Office (played the Jim Character in our US version).  Then again as Dr. Watson in the highly acclaimed re-birth of the Modern Day character as Sherlock Holmes sidekick.

I lovely call my wife a Hobbit because (besides being shorter than me) she’s always walking around the backyard, the frontyard, the garden, and the house in nothing but her bare feet. Towards the end of the day her feet are stained green and dirtied up something crazy like she’s  been traveling for miles in Middle Earth.  She probably is the only Hobbit though that has painted pink toe-nails and occasionally gets a pedicure. (they remove all her hair at that point on the top of her feet…..just kidding dear! )

Anyway I can’t wait for the movie ….and to again hear one of my favorite one-word  phrases again in all of Fantasy … “My Preciousssssssss…”

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