Best and Worst “Marvel” Movies



I think I compiled the full list of  Marvel movies. That is movies with Marvel Characters in them based on the comic book characters and not movies exclusively made by Marvel studios.

The count I got was 37 Films.. Please correct me if I am in error and I will correct my listing,  and I am not counting Howard the Duck dammit:
My Best to Worst list is my  opinion only of course. Any movie with an asterisk on it is one I have not actually seen but that is not many but I placed them where I thought they deserved to be …probably towards the worst end which was why I didn’t see them in the first place….:)
1. Avengers
2. Captain America 2
3. Antman
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. Iron Man 1
6. Spiderman 2 (Tobey Maguire/Dock Ock)
7. Captain America 1
8.  Iron Man 2
9, X-men First Class
10.Blade 1
11.Amazing Spiderman  1 (Andrew Garfield/Origin Story)
12.Thor 1
13.The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton)
14.Punisher 1
15. Spiderman 1 (Tobey Maguire/Origin Story)
16.Xmen – Days of Future Past
17. Wolverine 2
18. Blade III
19. Iron Man 3
20.Wolverine 1
21. X-men 1
22. Blade 2
23. Avengers 2
24. Thor 2
25. Xmen II
26.Fantastic Four 2 (Silver Surfer)
27. Elektra
28. Daredevil
29. New Fantastic Four*
30. Punisher 2 *
31. Fantastic Four 1 (Original)
32.Spiderman 3
33. X-men 3
34 Amazing Spiderman 2 (Andrew Garfield)
35.The Hulk (Original w/ Eric Bana)
36.Ghost Rider 1* (Saw partially then vomited)
37.Ghost Rider 2* (Saw partially then vomited

Take Courage in OZ – A poem

Take Courage in OZ ~ yellowbrick
You have a brain
bespectacled girl.
You have a heart
as the tears flow.
You are on the road
even though
the yellow bricks
are all  faded and
You are on the road.
Take courage
as the forest for the
grow up and around,
Dark arms reaching,
Its all they are,
menacing arms
Its all they ever are.
Take courage in the night
for the moon lights
your path.
The lions, tigers and bears
are friends
For who could resist your charms.
Oh my!
Who could indeed?
And if they did.
Well what kind of friend
would they ever truly
Take courage  in Oz
for you walk the same land
as them.
by Philip Wardlow 2015

Wolf Moon – A Poem




Wolf Moon ~    O_o


Cold fog seeps

and crawls across

the path I creep.

Winds undulate naked branches,

stirring dead leaves to life

begging at second chances

Darkness shrouds my form

wrapped in a cursed cocoon

that is constantly reborn.

Full moon rises high

resplendent in my soul

A wicked herald courses the sky.

Skin rips, tendons elongate,

Blood drips, fangs germinate

as hair propagates as muscles sip

at the power the moon

spills and instills

into me.

A howl escapes…

full and exultant,

primal and free.

It is answered

by a brother, then a sister

fallen under the same spell

of the Wolf Moon.

It’s a call

To hunt.

and we are hungry.

Oh so hungry.



By Philip Wardlow 2015

Click of a Switch – A Poem

Click of  Switch ~
I am turning off that switch,
you know the one,
the one that makes
me hesitate.
uncourageous (is that a real word)
too cautious
It’s what’s needed
to get down to the
nitty gritty of it all
I WILL stumble
I WILL fall
That undeniably will happen
I WILL hurt
I WILL hurt others
But I do anyway,
Ever forward as they say
with a click of  a switch.
by Philip Wardlow 2015

They hide it well – A Poem

they hide it well,
their fears and sorrows
as they lie there in the dark
thinking constantly of them
like a rain of dying leaves,
yet the tree never goes dormant,
leaves always falling
The shower cries a little more with
them in it…
The tissues strewn across the floor
like  bombs gone off in a mind field.
The tension in the eyes, tight
like a highwire act…
Balancing, every balancing.
It’s in them..
for the alternative cannot
be looked at.
It’s a wonderful state of mind
when you truly let it in.
That allowance for the little things
That smile,
That laugh,
A tender moment.
They only come once.
Don’t hide that as
by Philip Wardlow 2015umbrellas

Her – A poem






Her ~


Her nature is fluid

a whisper

a scream

a jest

A consistent wanting

ever disguised.

How to cope with her?


Now that is a trick question!

You do not cope.

You do not endure.

You do not wish.

Simply be,

like a kite in the wind

letting your tail be your anchor

as the breeze blows,

keeping you aloft.

Floating upon her currents.

You fly…


and higher.

Never questioning


as you  just enjoy the ride.



by Philip Wardlow 2015








I could say – A poem

I could say ~
I could say
I have been wrongedBag
ten times over
and it drove me
creeping to the
state I am.
Punches came
Left, Right, from you
from her, him,
from within.
I could say that…
But I knew.
I saw all the punches
and I just stood there.
and took it
That punch, then that one, and another
and the pain came.
It seems to like me
and I’m addicted
to it
Until I feel nothing else
I could say I should
have bobbed and weaved
danced and played
with my opponent (s)
Been more of a fighter
than just a bag.
I could say a lot but
I can’t because my
lip is swollen shut
So I am waiting for it to heal
Then we’ll see
what I’ll say.
Philip Wardlow 2015

She Said – A Poem

She said ~
She said,
I am sick of crying….
I am sick of dying
a little every day
and every night
because life
likes to throw
so much shit my
and I cant cope
as I try to lay all the lines
and they just
become entangled
all the more.
Choices come cheap
she said.
If you allow them in
Chances can be taken
when you just jump
Change can happen
with but a whisper
of want conveyed.
So she said.
by Philip Wardlow 2015