Instruments of Us – A Poem

SwirlingInstruments of Us –


Mind, mouth, eyes and hands;

all potential  instruments of


If left unchecked.

Wantoness awaits

Mind your mouth.

Keep your eyes cast in their proper place

Keep your hands

at your side,

Lest it give rise to illegal transgressions

on this wild ride.

Always fighting the feelings.

Always fighting the weakness from within.

Why not follow the beat, beat, beat of that other instrument

so often ignored.

The heart, heart, heart…

It sings true,

even it is

a fool.

But yet it does tend to keep the other

instruments in line

from time to time.



by Philip Wardlow 2014







Another World – A Poem



Another World –


Always a flash she is,

the light  of the moon catching her at times

when I am out upon the dark deep waters

of the great sea.

I remember locking eyes with her once.

Just once.

A look which pulled at my soul.

A look of wanting, a look

of yearning to approach,

to be seen, to be known,

to be not so alone in

the darkness


Fortune to find me,

but fate made us all fools to believe.

She another life force

beating in an alien world.

Where she dwells, I cannot go, nor can she

venture out.

Locked away in the skittering

of the waves


Just as I am locked in the salt stung air above

never to mingle

never to dance

never to share

a kiss as

the need arises.


by Philip Wardlow  2014







A Kiss – A Poem

A Kiss –

Soft but insistent…mirroring ,

playful, yet sensual , wet, probing and tasting

with tongue just ever so lightly….

heated and wanting… pheromones and testosterone exchanged

in the mingling of saliva,

exciting synapses

and releasing of endorphins…ah yes

the Kiss.


by Philip Wardlow 2014


Something I do in my off time




Here’s a little a something I started doing earlier this year. FENCING!…It’s something I have always wanted to try. I just finished my last class this last Thursday in June and I loved every minute of it. The people I trained with at West Michigan Fencing Academy there were great and the instructors were awesome.

I went for about 14 weeks non-stop and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I learned so much  and  sweated a lot at times.   I hope to go back come September in the Fall when classes resume.

I love the friendly competition that it brings about and the support of your classmates and teachers…All in all a fun time.  Now I can write what I know as they say in regards to some sword play in any of my stories….:)


Spinning – A Poem



Spinning –


The little blue eyed blond girl told

me it made her smile

to see the top spin.

A thousand colors coalescing and mingling

in infinite layers

as it made this little blonde girl grin.

Broader than the Milky Way

with pearls of white undamaged

yet by tooth decay.

Gloriously it stretched across her face and

there was no finer secret to be had in the universe

that day.


by Philip Wardlow