You Evil Nipples *Graphic Content Warning


It’s a devious thing..this thing called the nipple…

Why does it point at me so, setting
as a bullseye to wanting,

To suck, pull, twist, lick, and kiss

What an evil, devilish fiend of a form which sets upon your already beautiful breasts that always
beckon the darkness in me.

Torturing you is easy when you point those things at my way with a ready smile,
Hands itch as I lick my lips wanting to take a nip on a nipple
with ready teeth.

I can’t control my actions
when I’m in close,
Fingers deep
Pulsing passions push me
to take those evil nipples and show
them a thing or two about playing
in pain.

I can’t help getting rock hard
when I have you well in hand

Twisting, pulling, and pinching

Blame your evil nipples for what I do to you,
for being fool enough to tempt a sadist like me


By Philip Wardlow April, 2020

The Seven Hearts of Her


A Broken heart

Love let her down and pushed her aside, it didn’t keep her company, it didn’t give her a hug

and it never chose to

know her

A Passionate heart

She’ll fall into your arms

Into a full on embrace

Warming to a kiss

To be wanted to be taken

Over and over

A Dear heart

She keeps a love close as a treasure finally found after

a millennia of seeking

Precious, Priceless and Dear

as she thinks the same of her own.

A Fearful heart

Eyes wide and brimming

hands clutching, gripping

holding tight

Voice imploring for her love to

never disappear

An Empathic Heart

She pulls the sadness and plights of others within her

and explodes with a comforting

balm of wise words and consoling

A Humorous Heart

Raucous and irreverent

with an infectious funny

soul along with a smile

and laugh that others always

long to see and hear

A Delicate Heart

She’s strong yet brittle

A fighter yet fear filled

Hard willed yet may fall apart

in your arms in a moment

All she wants is to love

and be loved,  and not

to be precariously left

upon a shelf

and forgotten.

By Philip Wardlow April, 2020


Everybody is a Fucking Expert

People become afflicted
become sickened
A Mother dies, a Daddy dies
a Brother, a Sister,
a Nephew, an Aunt,
that crazy fun Uncle,
well he’s no longer around.
Yet some know better,
some are fucking experts on everything now:
Epidemiology, Politics
and the Constitution, here
come take your diploma
young ignorant man.
They have just crawled from
the primordial ooze,
but without an ounce of knowledge or true
they know the why, the what, and the wherefore
of it all.
Without doubt or reservation,
they string together tens of hundreds
of stories into
a conspiracy of disdain and ridiculousness.
Anxiety now rules an already twisted logic system,
mutating them all into something
new and improved,
The truest most deadly virus of a
a thing called the Fool.

by Philip Wardlow April, 2020