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The Adored and the Smitten

Which do you prefer to be?
The Adored or the Smitten?

Why, as the Adored must come
all the rewards, 
Eyes upon you,  an audience
numbering from one to one million.
Hell even the right one can pour it on thicker
in one mere moment than a million.
How can you lose. How can you not see
all the pleasure that brings?

As the Adored are you ever bored?
The Smitten have always outnumbered
the Adored. 
They keep coming and coming and coming.
Literally they may be coming.
But in all seriousness,
let's just hope they don't knock upon
your door as they can get quite obsessive I have heard.
Gift upon gift, upon gift,  just to catch a peek
perhaps to see, if what they  they sent
It does, Oh , it's divine! 
Oh, by the way I also like the white

But the Smitten, oh the Smitten, 
they have their dreams
manifested in flesh, and a smile,
and words that are just for them.
Oh, the attention....it's everything.
To be seen, to know you affect their
life in that one small moment 
To possess the power to push it 
up or down.
They are allowed to  live within the life of the Adored, sitting at
the edge of them, just a hair's width away
from their every movement.
Keep those compliments coming though,
never wary for the Adored do get bored
as do the Smitten.

It's a transaction,  a give and take. 
A take and give.
Did you think you were Special?
You the Adored, do you think you are truly treasured? 
You the Smitten are you truly charmed? 
Do you think you see them as they truly are?

If in this life we flow from Give and Take
what is ever truly real, what is ever truly fake
if all our dealings are ever based upon
the transaction?

by Philip Wardlow,  August 31st 2022




The Madman’s Furious Tolling

Atop a distant hill
sits a bright white church
constructed of weathered wood,
brick and mortar
crumbling at its corners

It takes the right or wrong eye
to mark its edges,
as either true and straight,
or jagged as an age-old eroded

Green rich pastures roll around
its foundations,
capturing the height of its walls
in the folds of a land
that endure its weight,
pressing ever down
while far below its
hallowed grounds
the roots have become
diseased and begun to whither.

Through a dirty pane of glass
you will spy a seeming man
in shadow residing.

He is a slumped, disheveled figure,
silhouetted by a dying day,
chafed hands always holding
rough hewed ropes secured tightly
to the bell higher up in
the proud tower.

He waits for the sun to fall
to horizon’s knife edge,
for everyone knows
all devious deeds are best
done in the dark.

Death has come
to this cursed land
and that man
is Death’s sonorous
escort, pulling on the bell
furiously like a madman, as
the pale rider
stampedes through the town
to take its rightful claim
in the night on through til
dawn’s first morning
light strikes.

Yet, all the town knows
Death shall surely
return again
when the madman
his furious tolling
in the bright white church
high atop the hill.

By Philip Wardlow Oct 20,2020

We can’t run


I have heard many people state over the years, months, and weeks as of late in various media platforms , “Why don’t you just leave your state, or this country if you don’t like the way it’s being run?”

First, I would say, “I was born here, it’s my home.”

Second, I would say, “Some of are us are not so mobile, and not as well off to simply pick up their whole lives and begin anew.”

Thirdly, “What you are talking about is just political self-segregation same as we have had with self-segregation with our educational system state to state across the US over the last 50 years or more. Sure, the Federal Govt abolished segregation at the Government level awhile ago, but not at the personal level with white,  more affluent families choosing to leave certain districts of lower income structures that minorities tended to live in, which later resulted in a higher tax base for those richer suburban neighborhoods while those Urban areas were left adrift,  with a high population density and lower tax revenues generated for their schools.

Also added to that, there were many nefarious but legal state mandates back in the day,  corralling minorities in certain neighborhoods to keep them at bay if you will from the suburban areas and from getting ahead in general.  Because of all that, we now we have many  failing or depressed school systems throughout the U.S. , while other affluent communities  thrive just a few miles away. We then have this polarizing affect of the haves and the have nots occurring across the nation, creating tensions we could have avoided to a large degree.

I  believe familiarity breeds compassion and friendships, as isolation breeds ignorance and fear on both sides.

Black on black crime is the leading cause of young black men in the US and I point to a lack at a chance at a good education,  and also a mental component of the world saying you are good enough to matter being the culprit to all the violence being done.

My whole point is this, leaving a situation, or running from it, WILL not make this nation better as a whole, there are NO borders here in the U.S. or the World . That’s just an illusion we sell ourselves. The bad or the good will always come knocking at your door from everything that happens here in the U.S or abroad, and I mean everything.

by Philip Wardlow May, 2020


Everybody is a Fucking Expert

People become afflicted
become sickened
A Mother dies, a Daddy dies
a Brother, a Sister,
a Nephew, an Aunt,
that crazy fun Uncle,
well he’s no longer around.
Yet some know better,
some are fucking experts on everything now:
Epidemiology, Politics
and the Constitution, here
come take your diploma
young ignorant man.
They have just crawled from
the primordial ooze,
but without an ounce of knowledge or true
they know the why, the what, and the wherefore
of it all.
Without doubt or reservation,
they string together tens of hundreds
of stories into
a conspiracy of disdain and ridiculousness.
Anxiety now rules an already twisted logic system,
mutating them all into something
new and improved,
The truest most deadly virus of a
a thing called the Fool.

by Philip Wardlow April, 2020

Send your Kid to TrumpCamp its an adventure!


Trumpcamps are facilities  where Immigrant Children ranging from 5 months old to 17 years of age go to linger in their own filth and stench.

They are not giving means to wash their clothes, brush their teeth, clean their bodies, properly eat, given time to go outside,  or being taken care of medically overall.

7 to 8 yr old children are being  directed by the guards and supervisors of the facility to take care of children as young as 5 months old who are also  not part of their family.

350 Children are “housed” in a facility with a capacity of only 100.

They live in cages on a thin mattress on a hard floor bunched in cages with little to no privacy from those they are caged with or from the guards not more than foot away outside their cages with guns at their holster.

I.C.E. and Homeland Security are breaking the LAW.

72hrs is the maximum time mandated by law under the George Bush Jr era for  processing these immigrants and moving them on to a better Housing environment or with a family living in the U.S.

These children stay in  horrendous conditions for weeks to months.  Some are malnourished . There has been lice and flu outbreaks left to grow unchecked.

Now the Department of Justice lawyers are making light of the conditions and actually defending the outrageous inhumane treatment done to  the children.

I say again, its inhumane in regards to  what the US Government….OUR Government is doing to them. We are paying for this to happen to these children out of our own tax money.

It’s time to say enough is enough.

The children are suffering.  Simple as that. Children are suffering at OUR  hands and yet we do nothing. This goes against every thing the US stands for.

Speak out. For we are the Government  not the governed. The Senate, the Congress and the President work for us.

We are not obligated to just bow our heads and say nothing.


by Philip Wardlow June 25th, 2019

* please reblog if you could , repost, copy, share in all forms of social media in your own way at your disposal. I have already shared this on Instagram, and Facebook and now here. Our voices do matter, never think they don’t.



The one eyed man is king…

I keep hearing we are giving one person like Trump  way too much importance.  And that it’s only four more years until we have to get rid of him anyways and he’s not the only one making the decisions and blah blah…then why do we have a President if you place so little value on him or her.  Answer me that.

One person means nothing, can do nothing, affects nothing….really…so why am I alive?

What do I matter then?

Seeing Trump do a 180 degree turn from how he carried himself in the election  will never happen…

He may be a consoling  energy to those who voted him but you MUST understand he is the exact opposite to many others..

Where you hated  a Clinton Presidency , they absolutely FEAR a Trump Presidency For their family and their friends.  Most of his platform was based on keeping those people down and out of our country.

I’m sorry you don’t understand their fears…and legitimate concerns for their day to day lives…but you should start trying to.

This country has been set back…whether you see it now  or not. Trumps Presidency will affect you in the negative.

But if you wish to go about your day…saying Ho hum…just don’t complain when he brings agendas to the table that are divisive and dangerous and gets people killed, persecuted, ignored, down beaten mentally, or ashamed,

Pick your poison.

Trump will not disappoint you in that…but he’s only one man, how much trouble can he cause…

I’m sure everything will be just fine.

I am sure he has all your best interests in mind and will do all he can to make your wildest dreams come true.

 Trump is seventy years old after all.  I am sure his last 50yrs of his adult life was just a ruse and he really is a smart, articulated, caring and wise person for all the people of America…

Yeah, what was I thinking. Its obvious he has been planning this  since he was twenty ( palm to the forehead) of course…wow…he’s a genius..


Your Moment of Silence Won’t Fix Anything (regarding Orlando shootings and others to come)



A conversation with Congressman Jim Himes, who is sick of the bullshit.


Below Article is copied directly from the online publication Esquire written by Luke O’Neil  June 13th, 2016 .  If you wish to see the article in its original format…please go HERE:

On Monday afternoon, Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), took to the floor of the House to address the shootings in Orlando. Unlike many of his colleagues in Congress, Himes said, he would not be participating in any moment of silence for the victims.

“Silence. That is how the leadership of the most powerful country in the world will respond to this week’s massacre of its citizens,” Himes said, before listing off the names of a few of the many victims whose lives were cut short “by a madman with a military rifle.”

Himes continued:
“And make no mistake. Cut short by this Congress’ fetish to repeatedly meet bloody tragedy with silence. Silence. That is what we offer an America that supports many of the things we could do to slow the bloodbath. Silence. Not me. Not anymore. I will no longer stand here absorbing the faux concern, contrived gravity and tepid smugness of a House complicit in the weekly bloodshed. Sooner or later, the country will hold us accountable for our inaction. But as you bow your head think of what you will say to your God when you are asked what you did to slow the slaughter of the innocents. Silence.”
 The Congressman’s words came after a series of tweets he sent out on Sunday that called the government’s inability to do anything about the gun violence epidemic “gross negligence” and an “abomination.”

The approach marked a sharp turn for Himes, who says he’s not typically given to using such inflammatory and morality-based language. But this time, like many of us around the country, he says he’s had enough. I spoke with Himes by phone moments after he finished addressing his colleagues in the House.

How was your statement perceived?

Well, there aren’t many people here today. But I’m sure this will be characterized as something that it’s not, as another installment in people who want to take away your guns. And it’s not, because I actually support Second Amendment rights, I like recreational shooting. But, I got thinking about it yesterday, and my stomach turned thinking about these moments of silence. To me, it’s perfectly emblematic of utter inaction and gross negligence of the Congress. When 50 people are dead on slabs in Florida, what we’ve got is 26 seconds of silence for you. That’s just unconscionable. There’s sort of a faux-sanctity to it, by putting on my serious face, looking like I care, and being silent for 15 seconds, that that is somehow a contribution. We have a lot of tough issues. We’re never going to solve the abortion thing, we’re never going to solve the taxes thing, or when we go to war. But here’s an area, where the vast majority of gun owners, not just Americans, agree on a set of measures that will keep a lot of people alive. But no. We’ve got silence.

“There’s sort of a faux-sanctity to it, by putting on my serious face, looking like I care, and being silent for 15 seconds.”

Have we gone mad as a country? Why can’t we get anything done here?

My perception is that groups like the NRA have used the Tea Party movement to create kind of a cult of guns, where you believe you’ve got a liberal Harvard Law Review president that is hellbent on taking away your guns to fulfill his Islamic fantasies. If not Islamic, government takeover fantasies. And that caused people to believe things that are patently not true. Like the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. There was a good guy with a gun in Orlando and it didn’t work. Or it causes people to believe, as an untrained software developer, you’re actually going to be safer armed in your own house than if you don’t have a gun in your house. It’s objectively provable that that’s not true, but there is this cult. People like Wayne LaPierre, 10 seconds into his speech, slamming this president, creating this bullshit argument that Washington is intent on taking away their guns. And a lot of people have bought into that. My Republican colleagues for the most part are decent people, but they’re scared of that cult.

Being from Connecticut, you’re sensitive to this. But something people have been saying is that if we didn’t do anything after Sandy Hook, then we never will.

Well, I’m not willing to say never. One of these reasons I’m taking the stand on these moments of silence, and doing something I don’t normally do, which is speaking in moral language, is that we’ve just got to change the dialogue. If you have to talk about judgment and God to get the attention of people who are more comfortable in that realm, then let’s do it. Let’s really talk about whether Jesus Christ thinks that the answer is a good guy with a gun. But we say this time and again. Change doesn’t come fast. If we’d given up on Civil Rights in 1964 where would we be?

How do you feel Connecticut’s state laws stack up to the rest of the country in terms of guns?

Well to their credit, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, they actually passed exactly the type of passage I’m talking about, and passed some thoughtful gun safety rules. I think they’re pretty tough, like New York. But at the end of the day, when you can be in Virginia at one o’clock and Connecticut at four o’clock, you got to deal with the federal level.

You’ve spoken out against the opioid epidemic as well. Do you see parallels? Are we addicted to guns?

This points to another absurdity. Medical professionals want us to think about it that way. They want us to really study who gets killed, how, what are the circumstances. Always a good idea, since about the year 1400, to gather the facts. But of course Congress has said, no, we will not gather the facts.

They’re prevented from studying it.

Exactly. So maybe there is a parallel to be drawn with addiction, in as much Congress is very much in the phase of not understanding it has a problem.


This is something I don’t understand. Last year, the NRA spent something like 28 million dollars lobbying on the federal level. But if you break it down by each lawmaker, it’s not really all that much money, a few thousand here and there. You’re a congressman, is that how cheap it is buy someone’s loyalty?

No. I think the NRA is more powerful as a purveyor of insane falsehoods than it is as a donor to individual members of Congress. It matters a little, but, but I think my colleagues are more scared of being primaried by a rootin’ tootin’ gun absolutist than they are having their opponent getting $5,000 from the NRA.

People say, “Oh, so you’re going to take all our guns? Obama is coming to take our guns.” Which, by the way, he’s really waiting ’till the last minute here on that plan. You figure he would’ve done it by now.

Right! I mean the insanity.… I remember my first Congress, 2009 through 2011, he had exactly one piece of gun legislation, which was a bill to allow you to carry a gun in a national park, so it actually loosened things. But there’s Wayne LaPiere saying what he does.

What if we said no more high capacity magazines? No more military-style weapons? Is that a compromised place where we can start?

Yes. Look, this isn’t that complicated. As much as there are things like limits on capacity of magazines, the kinds of guns, universal background checks. There are four or five things that have broad support in the American population. Are they going to end gun violence? Of course not. But if this crazy, radicalized guy hadn’t been so able to go buy a military weapon, despite the fact that he’d been interviewed a couple of times by the FBI, I think a lot of people would be alive this morning. We’re not going to solve this thing, but we can do some things that a lot of people support that can save lives. And that’s why we need to talk about these things in moral terms.


The Santo Mon – A Political Poem

The Santo Mon-  


Yeah Mon…You know the one.

Remember it.
Founded in 1901 by
a rich family full of ambition.

Your grandmother’s mother washed
her linens with one of their first brands
and hung them to dry in the warm
afternoon sun.
ALL, the detergent of the ages.

Other products flew off the shelf.
Who do you think made Coca Cola taste so
Saccharin, supplied by the Santo Mon.
Here, have a drink.

It set them up real good for what was to come.

If your head was aching, grab some Aspirin.
Pop a little salicylic acid to turn that frown
upside down.

Why stop there Mon, because chemicals were theirAgentOrangeDumping
specialty ya know;
DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange by the barrel load.

Ya see, the US government had this little war in Vietnam,
They had this idea that they could keep down the Vietcong
simply by killing off all the foliage mon.

All it did was deprive the good citizens of growing food,
causing them to flee to the city
where they crammed into
the slums by the millions.

The Santo Mon knew the dangers of what he sold, it was all in the notes as the studies showed; what it did to animals surely it could do to us,
cuz we be but animals as well bro.

Those wonderful products broke the bodies of the natives living there
and the vets who came back.

Woe be war, but woe be more the chains you still wear, for it never be over for some.

Misshapen babes born to proud
Papas and Mamas who are already themselves half in the grave.

Kiss your wife dear solider and hug her tight, for something burns inside you and it ain’t
never coming out.

It’s gonna strike
Who knows.

But you will be the fool
to feel Santo cares about your

Don’t hold your breath if you don\’t want to turn blue.
Men in suits;
lawsuits been settled they say,
reparations be done.

Some say it would have been better
to have pissed into the wind to get what
the victims won.

Go about your way,
we be the New Monsanto
all improved.

Our business is growth and nature.
We want to show you the way.
The New Santo Mon only engineers seeds nowadays.

Oh, you haven’t heard that story either?
Well sit down my friend I’ve got a lot
more unpleasant things to say


by Philip Wardlow