My Lady takes a Trip

My wife, Tisha, is going on Safari to the country of Kenya on the African continent soon in mid-October for fourteen days.  If any one doesn’t know where that is exactly  please take a look below to become educated…truth to tell I had to check a year back or so to make sure exactly where it was…:)


Here in the U.S. , where we live, it will be Autumn when she leaves. There in Kenya , it will be Spring during the semi-rainy season. It’s a good  season to be going. The animals are on the move and the weather is not so hot and dry or wet as other seasons can be there.

I worry for her.  She won’t be alone though. She is going with her mom on the trip along with a group of ten others as part of package deal.  She wanted me to come but the money wasn’t there.  Especially, since we ourselves went on a big trip three years ago to the Caribbean, which I’m still paying on (money well spent mind you)


My wife is going because her mother asked her to, as part of  a Bucket List she wished to fulfill  after her husband died a few years back. Her mom is picking up alot of the costs.

My wife, Tisha, was unsure at first if she should accept the offer.  You see, we had always planned on taking a trip like this together one day. We love Africa;  the land, the people, the culture, and most especially the wildlife.

My wife asked me what I thought she should do.  I told her you would be crazy if you didn’t, plus her mom needed this since her husband had died. She had to do it, I told her.

So she’s going.

This will be the first big trip we haven’t shared. Yes, I envy her.  But more so, I am so very happy for her to be getting this chance.

I also am very proud of her. She’s fearless, my wife.  She is Jack Hanna, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones all rolled into one.  I admire her strength and courage. I know she will be fine.

Hey, she’s my wife…:)


I am Fighting Zombies this week – A gif


Life can feel like this sometimes, a never-ending horde of zombies.

But you gotta punch, kick, …fight fight fight…

and say “fuck you little dead eyed bastards….”

’til eventually you are the  last one standing.

by Philip Wardlow

Assumptions of you….things you might not know.

Me at seventeen holding Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Forgive me,

for I did not know you as I had surmised;

silent, thoughtful,

and smiling in the corner

were merely a rippling

long flowed


by Philip Wardlow

When I read any book by an author I like to read the Author’s note and  any forward they may have written. I personally like to get a sense of who this person is that wrote this book. What made them tick…so below are some of the things that might give you perspective into who I am and who I am not perhaps. I don’t know, I will let you be the judge. I for one hate self analysis because we lie to ourselves more than we lie to others. Perhaps you’ll see something in me that I don’t see myself…


My mother had me when she was 29….my father was 59 at the time…He died when I was 12…He was 72,  the age a grandfather should be.

Often my mother would leave our father at the drop of a hat..taking me & my brothers away…we lived in 18 different homes growing up.

Security seemed to be a liquid state to me as a young child…no solid real home to speak of…life always in transition.

My mother signed my older and younger brother  up in the Big Brother Volunteer program at the local college…me I did not get one. She believed I was the adjusted one and didn’t need it I guess.

My older brother William participated in sports and played a musical instrument at school.  I think I wanted to but was never asked by my mother, besides money was tight and he got first dibs.

I don’t really like my family.

I love them but I don’t LIKE any of them…in certain ways I am sure they don’t like me. I am not perfect. I have quirks and issues I am sure,  that annoy the hell out of them….your typical dysfunctional family.

I WANT to like them. But as I have gotten my life together in some semblance of normalcy they have still not to one degree or another.  So I AVOID them if I can because its a DRAG.

Am I selfish?  Should I feel guilty? At times I do.  At others, NOT in the slightest…Blood is NOT thicker than water at times.   AT TIMES you need to live for your self and be selfish….I had to learn that was okay.


I am forty-three…

I hate my age…

And not for the reason you think. I hate it because I really  started going after what I really wanted in my late -30s…which is as you can see is Writing…

I try not dwell on the almost 20yrs of wasted time  of not pursuing it….”OH the things I could have written in that time” flow through my head at the oddest and most inconvenient moments.

But I shut that  annoying voice out and carry on.

Also at forty-three I wish to stay in shape I work out on a constant basis. I have a  sucky metabolism so I must.

I work out to look & feel good for myself,  my wife and any lady passerby on the street who wants to check me out…:)

I didn’t always think I was a handsome person. I kind of had an ugly duckling syndrome. I grew up with a gap in my teeth and because we couldn’t afford  to pay for an orthodontist, so the gap stayed . We also were a poor family that didn’t have the ” cool” clothes or stuff so I was pretty much ignored by other kids at a certain age.

I still have the gap but wear better clothes.  My wife and others have convinced me that I don’t look hideous. I will take their word for it.

Seriously though my confidence has grown over the years with that. (still have trouble with big smiles in I look mean or stoic or something half the time in them)

I always like a compliment….who doesn’t.  So go ahead tell me I’m cute I can take it…:)

I think I will wrap it up here for now….perhaps I will share more of myself in later posts….now you know just a little more about me. I am going to go relax and read a good book now.

Picture 024

The Strength of Her – A poem


The Strength of Her – A poem

She is solid.

A brick wall could not withstand the onslaught she takes

upon herself in a day.

Crumblings of broken mortar would be the only memory of it.

Limits in place may  try and take hold

of a body pushed to the extreme,

but her mind says. “Nuh, uh. I ain’t having none of that”

Tired, but tireless.

Her core is molten lava

never cooling,

always moving,

burning through

shit as it travels.

Stay the fuck out of her way.

Back up.

Let her work.

Just smile, and admire, and admit

silently to yourself

how you wish you were her.

By Philip Wardlow

How Will You Celebrate World Rhino Day?

World Rhino Day is coming this Sunday! Check out FIght for Rhinos Blog about it People!

Fight for Rhinos

Sunday, September 22 is World Rhino Day.

save the rhino world rhino dayMost of us aren’t going to be wearing the “Save the Rhino” costumes and holding signs on Sunday, but we CAN do something. So what will you be doing on World Rhino Day?

Visit your local zoo. Many of them are hosting events and activities to involve children and adults alike; from educational opportunities to tours of the rhino bomas.

Sign and share petitions.

Share articles and blogs (Fight for Rhinos is a good one 😉 ) to raise awareness. Tell everyone who will listen about the fight for their lives, about the questionable future of their species.

If you are able to, donate to one of the trusted organizations who work tirelessly to save them. Any of the links listed on the left of this page are reputable groups. It’s an expensive job, without regular income to help…

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After a blogger follows me I typically make it a point to check out them out as a courtesy to see if it would be someone I would want to follow. After checking her out and not just her photos you dirty minded buggers I thought this was a Blogger that deserved a look. …and not just for the photos people c’mon…sure she is a strong pretty woman… but I think the real strength lies inside of her. Read her blog…she is determined, real, and inspirational and perhaps a wee bit insane..just kidding…well maybe :). I’m a writer and I’m a sucker for strong characters and she has one. So check her out. I have pushed many of my followers that intrigued me so check her out if you would like.

You Cheeky Raven, Nevermore! A Poem


Oh Raven,  you may tap,tap,tap,

incessant in your endeavors to ever trap

me in your tangled lies ten feet deep.

I be not such a fool to fall sway to your unearthly rules

of tortuous maladies you delight in inflicting on ever passerby

you do seek to see that lies in your line of darkest sight.

Your taunts as you perch and preen on pedestal high

do naught a thing to one such as I.

Your guile lies transparent as a ghost.

A thrown token. shiny and bright to fall at my feet.

Yet, as I do bend down to pick it up,

you no sooner pilfer my pockets of my weeks hard earned

fortune as you seek to simply

call it black luck where I would be none the wise.

Nevermore you say!

Bah, I say . Be gone this night before the morn

brings the dawn and turns your cheeky words

to flotsam to be carried away on the shore’s

of my discontent.

You may know the depth of many souls

as you may know mine,

but there is no barter to be had, no wager to be paid.

MY soul is my own.

No matter how dark and cold.

By Philip Wardlow

Beautiful Pembe

Check out this beautiful piece of artwork that won as entry to the Fight for Rhino blog I follow…

Fight for Rhinos

karenmoorhouse 2

This beautiful fabric painting was created by Karen Moorhouse. Her inspiration, Pembe, is the baby rhino born at  the Colchester Zoo in the UK. Her name means “horn” in swahili.

The intricate symbolism is as follows:

Bees: Refer to research which has shown that bees can be trained to detect substances like rhino horn, which can help curb poaching. Bees can be taught to associate the rhino smell with sugar water and have a powerful sense of smell. They are easier and cheaper to transport to border posts where they can be used to detect smuggled rhino horn.

Bow-arrow: The hunter (originates from the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert expressing daily routines on rock art) represents the past needs for hunting for survival purposes. Nowadays hunting is no longer necessary and therefore the hunter aims outward.

Warthogs: Represents a wider perspective of other animals living in harmony within an…

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Attention: Writers and Artists

Fight for Rhinos

I’ve seen many talented people out there with pieces on rhinos, elephants and making a statement about poaching. I would love to showcase some of your work here on Fight For Rhinos. If you are interested, please submit poetry and drawings, etc to

This is an open invitation and there is no deadline. If your work is selected, I will inform you via email.

Keep up the great work people! Rhinos need our attention! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got 😉

happy rhino


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