Different Tastes – an Erotic Poem(Mature Content! You have been warned)

Different Tastespoprocks_and_coke

I dip my dick

into a wine flute

filled with Pinot Grigio



What does your tongue tell you?

Are you a connoisseur?

Tell me the year.

I will pour you anything you prefer.


Spread your legs and let my

fingers linger until a raging

wetness ensues.


You must choose.

Grape or strawberry?

Pop Rocks go in and

mingle inside your moistness



Strawberry…good choice.


Remove the ice cold Coca Cola

from the fridge,

Pop the cap, pour it out and

plunge it in your pussy deep.

Your body shudders as you

exhale slowly.


Bottle removed

I enter with all the warmth of the sun.

Your body shudders again

as you exhale.


Time for the grape.

By Philip Wardlow 2013

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