Come Back as you Fall Away

Photo by Liam Carleton


Autumn rose from languid bed, out of her naked repose

alongside my own.

Against the soft light of day the shadows lengthened

around her curves.

She turned to give a smile as her hair

fluttered in a wind that wasn’t there.

Leaning in, she whispered her discontent

with a delicate kiss, cool and crisp

meant only for me.

I saw her truly then,

a desperation sought after,

a sorrow borrowed,

a beguiling mystery to be followed

But eventually lost.

She was my season, my breath

drawn and exhaled so slowly

as to stop time in its tracks.

Yet, she fell away, eyes downcast

always knowing the direction

she would eventually go.

Don’t, I begged.

but instead live in me.

Through all the dark

and the cold to come, and scorching rays

of days

stay within,

stay within,

And come back to bed with me.


By Philip Wardlow 2016






The one eyed man is king…

I keep hearing we are giving one person like Trump  way too much importance.  And that it’s only four more years until we have to get rid of him anyways and he’s not the only one making the decisions and blah blah…then why do we have a President if you place so little value on him or her.  Answer me that.

One person means nothing, can do nothing, affects nothing….really…so why am I alive?

What do I matter then?

Seeing Trump do a 180 degree turn from how he carried himself in the election  will never happen…

He may be a consoling  energy to those who voted him but you MUST understand he is the exact opposite to many others..

Where you hated  a Clinton Presidency , they absolutely FEAR a Trump Presidency For their family and their friends.  Most of his platform was based on keeping those people down and out of our country.

I’m sorry you don’t understand their fears…and legitimate concerns for their day to day lives…but you should start trying to.

This country has been set back…whether you see it now  or not. Trumps Presidency will affect you in the negative.

But if you wish to go about your day…saying Ho hum…just don’t complain when he brings agendas to the table that are divisive and dangerous and gets people killed, persecuted, ignored, down beaten mentally, or ashamed,

Pick your poison.

Trump will not disappoint you in that…but he’s only one man, how much trouble can he cause…

I’m sure everything will be just fine.

I am sure he has all your best interests in mind and will do all he can to make your wildest dreams come true.

 Trump is seventy years old after all.  I am sure his last 50yrs of his adult life was just a ruse and he really is a smart, articulated, caring and wise person for all the people of America…

Yeah, what was I thinking. Its obvious he has been planning this  since he was twenty ( palm to the forehead) of course…wow…he’s a genius..


What say you?




Wee moments stuck in thought

stuck in the thought

of too many thoughts.

Where does life go when you let it go?

Does it strap on sneakers and have a run.

Not caring the road its on.

Well I  care for scenic, something with  a view,

a journey,

challenging but not reckless or cruel

to the soles of my shoes.

Mountains peaked, craggy and windswept,

leading to dreamy sittings on precarious ledge,

fertile valleys , dark and deep, muddy and froggy with

all the chirps and burps to be offered in the sun

either draped in shade, or tinkled on

by a rainy day.

What say you?

What do you really say?

As you crouch upon your porch

seeing the world run away?

Ah, you have no sneakers?

A poor excuse.

Grab your slippers, or those

old flip flops.

And simply start out for a little walk.


by Philip Wardlow 2016