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Seeing You

If I were a blind man
and had only a touch
to trace a picture of you
I would kiss you first
as I made a joke
My lips against yours
along with a feather stroke
of my hand against
a fully rounded cheek
I would be in that smile
as I breathed your
essence in.
A flock of goosebumps
springing up upon your skin.
as a fingertip slowly just ever so
traveled down a
shoulder and arm to
trembling hands
in anticipation of
wants to come.
Your body leaning in
your curves filling into
the niche of me.
A puzzle complete.
Heat transfers
Two minds mingling
You are a picture
with other eyes
that have always
seen you.

by  Philip Wardlow 2017

Monkey Girl

A thousand times a thousand,
I could tell her she’s beautiful
but her hands are pressedlarge_girl-monkey
against her ears,
as she hums
a silly tune.
I could smile her way
with sweet attention
eyes falling all across her
body in every which direction.
She’s blind to me,
as her hands are held tight
against eyes already veiled.
Tell me you feel something
Anything…a single thought
a broken dream…a wish unfulfilled
a desire drowned.
But you just grimace me a smile
and casually place your hands
over those luscious lips
that have never truly been kissed.
Oh, my little Monkey Girl

by Philip Wardlow 2015

Her – A poem






Her ~


Her nature is fluid

a whisper

a scream

a jest

A consistent wanting

ever disguised.

How to cope with her?


Now that is a trick question!

You do not cope.

You do not endure.

You do not wish.

Simply be,

like a kite in the wind

letting your tail be your anchor

as the breeze blows,

keeping you aloft.

Floating upon her currents.

You fly…


and higher.

Never questioning


as you  just enjoy the ride.



by Philip Wardlow 2015








Nothing Spectacular – A poem



Nothing Spectacular~spectacular


She told me she was nothing spectacular
Not special
How could that be.
How Indeed.
For I see nothing but a little beautiful light
Soooooooooooo brightly
Yet, she takes her little hand
and dims down
Click…til its off.
I don’t mind clicking it back on.
but it gets rather tiresome
I fucking need to steal that knob after
I have turned it back on
For she captivates
and draws everyone like a moth
to that little blue electric light
Ah you killed another one.
but they couldn’t handle your heat
Move on…:)



by Philip Wardlow 2015

Beauty defined

Beauty Defined ~


If you were to ask me to define what beauty is, I would first pause in my thinking, lose focus to the world and go inward and remember all the instances that touched….held me…..affected me….or drew me in where I had no choice but to be in that moment with it.

I then would ask you the same question and for you to go inward as well.

Then I would ask you of all the instances you remember and I would tell you of mine. And we would share them.

Then in that instant another beautiful moment would be born.





by Philip Wardlow 2015


That kind of beauty

That Kind of Beauty ~black-and-white-female


She’s beautiful,

that fun kind of beauty.

The kind of beauty that drags you laughing by her side

Electric, a 9-volt battery to the tongue.

Blonde, brunette, or redhead who cares what fucking color

for she brings them all out in you.

How can you refuse

that kind of pulse

that finds your own.

That sync,

And sweet unsuspecting syncopation

to a spirit you desperately want

to get to know.

That kind of beauty

needs to be explored.

So stop.

Hear her heart

Shut out the noise

Take her hand.

and just let

her be.



by Philip Wardlow 2015