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Desire for You

It’s everything,
this desire for you.
Warmth pervading,
breath catching,
a tight tension of need
to be close.
Cashmere has nothing on the softness
of your pale skin as
two fingertips trace
lines from out to inner
Your hips fill my hands all the
while your sweet cinnamon
smell wraps around, clutching,
drawing me in closer
to delve the depths
of you, in all the secret
tastes you offer
your only lover,
So you better know
this desire for you tonight
shall not go to waste.


By Philip Wardlow 2018

Haikus The progression of us


Fate beckoned, smiling
Boldness overtook my lips
close in with a kiss

Your smile spun in me
Twirling your essence freely
When music found us

Parts of you unfold
Soft thoughts grabbing at your life
Pulling me in tight

Eager hands stripping all
Bodies apart now are one
Blissful connection

Your return long sought
Never fated together
yet always wished for

A gift like lightning
Struck, never to recover
Weak and wanting more

New Year
Your thoughts in shadow
My thoughts focused on your eyes
forlorn and wanting.

Tears flowed in close trust
Tore down walls revealing love
A tender touch found

Intertwined steps dance
Newfound melodies captured
Hand to heart to mind


by Philip Wardlow 2018

I Recall – A poem

I Recall

I recall her smile the first time I saw her

Radiant and warm with a hint of

Laughter at the edges

I recall her eyes

Deep and blue;  eyes you didn’t lie to

Because they could see right through you.

I recall many things about her

As I sit on my front porch swing

Gazing  up at the nighttime sky .

Thinking. Just thinking.

Bringing the past to the present

As I so often do.

I recall the sway of her hips.

A woman’s hips

Hands,  my hands enveloping her  from behind in

A loving embrace.

I recall her smell ;   fresh and sweet  like vanilla ice cream

topped with raspberry syrup.

My mind likes to wander to thoughts of her

The wonder of her.

My wife, and  my life.

I recall it all.

by Philip Wardlow 2012



Haikus of Life Encountered – A Collection

Haikus of Life Encountered

A Puzzle 

Puzzle pieces laid

Thousand images form you.

But still a puzzle.

For My Pleasure 

Give me your favor

Dance to any tune I play

Perhaps it will do.

 Your Colors

Colors beget you

Dark to bright in all the hues

I embrace them all.

One Night

Sweet smells, soft skin glows

Your lips beckon to be kissed

Give me a reason