Shooting Star – A Poem

Shooting StarShootingStar

I made a wish on a

star that was falling.

How foolish was I?

Perhaps wishes are a fancy

best left for little kids in the backyard

on a warm summer night,

because I can’t afford them anymore.

At the end of the rainbow you say?

I need what’s in that pot to pay for them all.

All those wishes made long ago.

Well that’s a long fucking walk to take in a day.

Cuz, that old damn rainbow seems to move

away with every careful step I take.

Now if I could find that shooting star

That just fell from the sky so high from

outer space into my backyard.

Feel it’s warmth, it’s fading half remembered glow,

as I hold it with hands held tight.

Well that would be something I reckon

That would be alright.

By Philip Wardlow




I have a friend named Jason Roth, who is a up and coming filmmaker who is currently in the process of producing a full length no holds bard animated movie that looks to be a smash. He’s picked up some prominent actors to do some of  the voice overs for the movie. One you might know very well if you have ever seen the Vampire Flick, Dusk before Dawn. He has also appeared in Zombie Apocalypse:Redemption, and many more movies. He goes by the name of FRED “THE HAMMER” WILLIAMSON , and did  I forget to mention  also  a former professional football star.  Please check out the informational link above to the Sticky Fingers Site if you would like to help out in this endeavor.




Fred Williamson at work doing voice over the Animated Movie

and these guys don’t work for peanuts!

So give any donation you can afford to keep this project up and running!  $5, $10,$25…..$100,   your left kidney…we can sell it on the black market we have connections!

Seriously check out  the site :  STICKY FINGERS BEGATHON 2013  to see what the project  is all about…and donate donate!   Did I say donate!

This is how the little guys gets big…how do you think Steven Spielberg started out? He begged, borrowed, and stole from his friends!

Hey, I like Brown Rice too! – My opinion on racial inequality in regards to media


l loved seeing  the 50th Anniversary for the March on Washington. I will say my equality wish is for it  to be present in television, movies,writing, and comics. Hell, I will settle for commercials for now.(sighting the latest Cheerios stupidity a few months back – look it up on YOUTUBE if you don’t know what I mean)

I haven’t seen equality surface yet in media..not really. Yeah sure , you have one little token character here or there in television or movies…but nothing really substantial. I just think its ingrained in our psyche to see a character or story played out as a Caucasian.  Imagine a black British James Bond, Doctor Who,  or  Edward  from Twilight , heaven forbid, (but yeah we got a Native American in there!)

Hell, I’m half black and I write consciously seeing  my main character be it a man or woman as white…how messed up is that. I have to consciously think of my characters differently when it comes to race. It just comes naturally to think of them as white. And that’s the whole point. It comes natural to us as a society because it’s all we know.

We grow up with a social media targeted majorly to one race. So each new generation thinks that is the norm out in the world. They become comfortable with it and everything else is alien. So that “alien” is just a filler or sideshow to pull in once in a while to say a line and go about your merry way or get killed off (case in point Walking Dead..great show btw) .

Now they are making some  slow progress, don’t get me wrong.  In the Ultimate Universe  version of Marvel they killed off Peter Parker and have made Spiderman a black boy (even though his last name is Morales, what’s with that.)  The Nick Fury from that Marvel world  is also black (and it carried over to the Avengers movie with Samuel Jackson…I bet you guys didn’t  know he’s been white in the normal Marvel world since forever)  Anyways, what I am trying to say in my own roundabout way is that there are many little facets in society that affect our overall perception of what’s really going on in the world. These facets mean a lot because they add up. Media is just one of those facets I would like to see evolve.

I think  back to the ridiculous movies and commercials and news  footage from the forties & fifties when television and media  took off. It painted an America as super wholesome and super gleeful and happy to be alive every moment of the day.  When people behind the scenes were hiding their bigotries, true sexual tendencies, alcohol dependencies or spousal abuse they endured on a daily basis.

Then the sixties came and everything changed because they realized the world was bigger than there own little world they lived in, in  there own little isolated neighborhood, and they were forced to reflect on what was right and wrong from civil rights to the Vietnam War.  And it was all played on what? Yep, television.

Your Mask – A Poem and a Blitz of Gifs


Your Mask





Be it made of paper maché or plastic,

carved mahogany with a golden veneer,

or crystal clear quartz glass.

You wear one.






Morning, noon, and night;

removed only when sleep comes.

For what purpose does it serve your dreams?






Dead eyed stare, twisted grin, or a curious

smile that creeps ever upward hiding a secret







Callous nature cloaked behind a beguiling

eye of the bluest blue.






A beauty called to recklessness,

a perfection that only Death will strive

to collect once due.






Know this.

All facades eventually decay and crumble.

Leaving you bare before everyone and yourself

as you stare into the mirror trying to

collect the pieces to a mask that no longer




By Philip Wardlow 2013











Feeling overwhelmed? Yes, wearing a mask does that to you sometimes.

I appreciate my Followers


Just wanted to let my followers know  I appreciate you hanging on and your support .  I am writing writing writing  as always…thanks for your likes and your occasional comments!

New Short story to come on here and as always working on  FIRST novel that I am so TRYING to get finished for this year and ready for submission to Publishers.

So keep following, more great things to come…:)

Haiku to you too!

Awake yet I dream
Shadows play and ponder why
I stay and slumber
My lips form a smile
as your hand trembles in mine.
My claim has been staked .
Disconnect me please
the pace of the world distracts
I wish to relate.
Laid open palm stings,
as red pools in the shallows,
heart drips to the floor
Lies wander to truth
as the center shakes off pleas
to honest deceit.