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I wish

I wish ~
I wish many things…
I wish to have my cake and eat it to….
I wish to write write  write and give people a little of my unique insight
I wish to have you in every sense of the word.
but I dream…I wish…I conjure
I mark my time….I bide it well….and wait for that fish.
to come swimming by my net….
to pull him up and put him on my boat
I just hope my hand does not slip as I  try
to get a sure grip on that tiny little fishy
How sad it would be to see
my wish fall back
to the dark
dark sea
By Philip Wardlow 2015

Shooting Star – A Poem

Shooting StarShootingStar

I made a wish on a

star that was falling.

How foolish was I?

Perhaps wishes are a fancy

best left for little kids in the backyard

on a warm summer night,

because I can’t afford them anymore.

At the end of the rainbow you say?

I need what’s in that pot to pay for them all.

All those wishes made long ago.

Well that’s a long fucking walk to take in a day.

Cuz, that old damn rainbow seems to move

away with every careful step I take.

Now if I could find that shooting star

That just fell from the sky so high from

outer space into my backyard.

Feel it’s warmth, it’s fading half remembered glow,

as I hold it with hands held tight.

Well that would be something I reckon

That would be alright.

By Philip Wardlow

Blue Balloon

Through a Blue Balloon

I see one color as I’m driving down the road.

That’s Blue.

Blue through my blue Balloon.


I see a Blue lady walking her short blue dog with a leash.


I see a Blue Officer waving and saying hello to a bunch

of Blue kids he meets.


Everything is Blue. Even though I know the truth.

It doesn’t matter

which way I turn my head I’m surrounded by a Blue ocean of color

consuming my sight.


Is that light green up ahead?

It’s hard to tell through a balloon made of Blue.


Oh, but that blue girl jogging in her tight Blue shorts

Now she’s something to see wouldn’t you agree?

Hey, I think she’s staring at me.

She must like a well-manicured gentleman of Blue

Who knew?


So unique.

What a wonderful view as I drive down

The Blue streaked street.


No other color as far as the eye can see.

Blue in the back. Blue in the front.

From side to side.

I think I’m having a Blue attack!


I like the world I’ve made for myself

So simple. So easy to define.

No other nasty colors to confuse and blind.

Simply divine.


Through my Blue balloon,

That’s how I see. That’s how I want

life to look for everyone and me.


Call me crazy. Call me a fool.

But to see the world in a bright shade of Blue

should be the rule.

 Blue, Blue through my beautiful Balloon.