The Heart is a Lonely Hunter – A Poem (inspired by a novel of the same name)

Sleeping Beauty

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I am but a dark silhouette back-lit

by your imaginings of what I must be.

My frame of reference is not yours,

nor is your own mine to see.

I cannot hope to know the true depth

of the strangeness that lurks behind those eyes;

the sadness, the desperation, and the longing

cannot be accurately defined as simply measured

by a ruler or thrown upon a scale like a piece

of meat.

Think me misguided, corrupt, or lost?

Think me a friend, lover, or a hero?

You would be wrong on all accounts.

I am simply a solitary soul cast adrift,

striving to find a good home to lift

me up from this cold stone floor and prop

me up next to a nice warm fire and hold

me tight.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

Stuck in the In-Between – A Poem


Stuck in the In-Between


 You are trapped in the

world of what-not, what-ifs,

and wannabes.


Top at the time may be the bottom

tomorrow, a smile a slap in the face.


Your core is courageous, wrapped in a

layer of boundless denial not looked

at too closely.


The hot sun beats down as the rain

falls in a deluge to sink deep and cold

into your bones.


Reason cannot be reasoned with on a

night when the day won’t go away.


A borderlander without a home, a foot in

the door to life, dusk and dawn



But still you fight, you push and rail

against the unseen that seeks to hold

you in this dark realm of broken dreams.


Soon…Soon… you say they will see,

as you continue to climb, run, and claw

your way out of the in-between.


By Philip Wardlow 2013

Shamelessly pushing my wife’s Blog “Fight for Rhinos” but hey I love her …:)

My wife loves animals and she hates downer stories but she also wants to educate others to know whats happening in the world of animals, especially with Rhinos which are one of her favorite animals in the world. She has a tattoo of one whoever doesn’t know that already,  so she’s  friggin committed…go check out her latest blog article and some other good past ones recently posted..some are very uplifting as well…Go to:                       Fight for Rhinos Blog Link   And now for your viewing pleasure, cute adorable rhinos for you to look at…but look quick for soon they may be gone from this planet and I am not kidding in the slightest…..poof!

Baby on tire
Chillin with just me and my tire…
baby rhino on mom
My mom is good for more than just milk
mama n babe
Very rare event these days when a rhino has a new baby
Come FOLLOW my wife on her journey to do her part to save her wildlife friend


WORDS – My Poetic Definitions for Certain Words in the English Language


A while back I  made a list of  certain words that had meant something to me personally  throughout my life.  With this list of words I decided to apply my own definition to them in a  poetic sense to really convey what the word means to me in a more concrete but at times abstract way.

These new definitions  would not be what you would  normally find, say  when you are  flipping through a reference book such as Webster’s English Dictionary or some such book of extensive boring knowledge that you have to begun learning  from the very start of Kindergarten all the way to college.

Of course it doesn’t end there, one day when your the Father of energy zapping kids and your relaxing back in bed with a hefty  book in your hands  you may have to keep one of those stupid dictionaries next to you on the nightstand at  your bedside because some pompous arrogrant ass of  an author had to  pick a word no normal person (or abnormal)  would ever use in their own mind let alone in casual conversation.  At times I revel in the English language and at other times I hate it simply because I believe words shouldn’t get in the way of what you are trying to convey to the reader, especially on a contstant basis as some writers like to do.

So here is brief list of the not-so definitions of words:

1.  Apathy –  A smile in your direction which never quite reaches the eyes with a sharp snap of the head away.

2. Dreams – Dim images of lost desire, a quest for innerpeace that travels on a slow runaway train

3. Friends – Pillars with which to hold onto in a raging storm where some are stronger than others.

4. Enemies – The unseen predator which lurks along the edge of life waiting to pounce.

5. Life – An endless array of patchwork on the soles of feet worn down and dirty.

6. Time – A number measured by emotions and circumstances of the day.

7. Envy  – A spark which turns into a flame soon to engulf the entire forest.

8. Justice – A rock thrown back at an unseen hand whose only intent was grief.

9. Poems – A collection of organized to disorganized words which have no meaning unless you say they do.

10. Woman – A mystery behind  a locked door where a thief must apply all his talents to get through.

***I am a word/idea collector so do YOU have any definitions for ME.  I would love to hear them….:)***

Aspects of Her – A Poem


Aspects of Her

A sunshine smile

dipped in a psychedelic rainbow

of colors that don’t exist

in the spectrum  that

physics would allow.


Slide your hands down your hips,

feel the silk threads float over

your soft cashmere skin;

you always liked  touching yourself

more than me.


 Eyes look away when I speak to them.

I can’t quite catch their color; evasive

as a fish in a warm running stream.


Sad, reflective, in denial of your

desperation as you try and fit into

a dress that’s just a little too tight.


You are a free spirit that confines

herself behind a waterfall of wishes

that will never see fruition.


This is you, all the aspects, all the incarnations,

All the pages yet to be written, all the pages

torn out and tear stained and written over again

then forgotten..


This is you and I have known

them all.

By Philip Wardlow 2013

“I would…But” A Writing exercise and my little stab at humor.

When I am in a rut like I am right now with my writing I often try to jump-start my brain with a Writing Exercise or two.  The next few posts will be focused on breaking past that block and showing you the results of my own exercises that I am trying.  As I have said in the past in my other posts there is no such thing as writer’s blocks just more of what I would call a writing malaise if you will.  So here is one of my first attempts to get out of it and start being more productive with my Novel and Short stories…

I like to often challenge the brain by forcing me to come up with a solution.  Be it a short scenario or situation to get out of, a cause/affect, or an  if/then kinda thing.  I wanted to have fun with that concept  a little so I decided doing it in a joke format called ” I would …But”  … so here goes my little stab or stabs at humor. They are in the order in which they were created first btw.  My goal was brain was hurting a little towards the end. Hey its hard to be funny!   I hope I don’t make you suffer or groan out loud too much…:).

1.  I would call you an ass but you’d take it as a compliment.

2. I would say I love you but you might hold me to it.

3. I would say my ships about to come in but I just found out it was called the Titanic.

4. I would love to have sex with you but the sign above your head says now serving No.4 and I’m holding No.99 and I just can’t wait that long.

5. I would say you are the most beautiful woman in the world but I just had a sex change so I would be lying.

6. I would give strippers more money but they hate it when I try and make change for a five.

7. I would say the state of the world as a majority is mostly apathetic to the causes that face our planet on a daily basis and that we as a human race need to stand up and say enough is enough, let’s fight for what we believe in and have the guts and determination and discipline to stand behind our principles to forge a better brighter tomorrow for ourselves and our future posterity  but then again I don’t really care to leave my couch much.

8. I would like to thank my esteemed colleagues,co-workers, and friends who I climbed over and stomped on that helped make this all possible but for the life of me I cannot remember any of their damn names.

9. I would be a junkie but I am afraid of anything going in my nose, or needles into my arm, I would be a prostitute but I’m afraid of committment for cash, to much pressure to  perform I guess, I would be an alcoholic but I may be forced to go to AA one day and I just hate crowds and public speaking.

10. I would like to write a book that at least half the world would gush over and ooh and aw at it but I’m thinking I would have to kill about  7,640,000,011 Billion People to make that happen…dammit make that 7,649,000,012…I missed one!

Well there you have it…hope you enjoyed it as much as me…and I didn’t really enjoy it all that much myself…I’m just trying to jump-start myself as I said….

I will do another post soon to jump start my brain called Toilet Tuesday….its where I go into my bathroom at work with a pad and pen, push the button on the exhaust fan for  10 minutes and see what I come up with for a quick short story…and yes.. I am serious I will be seriously doing this…just you wait and see… I hope it’s something good. ( and no I am not actually going to the bathroom while I’m in there…I’m just using the timer function….sheesh what do you take me for)

Till next we meet…:)

Ivory Towers – A Poem


Ivory Towers

A thousand ivory towers sit clumped

tight together.

They fill up the valley below and

spread over the plains of grass as

the river cuts through.

The tops reach higher than the birds

can fly,

Deep into the clouds they pierce

until they scrape the moon as it slowly

passes by each night.

Standing next to a tower

I look up from far below.


With a hesitant hand I reach out

And touch the ivory wall.

So smooth and slick like glass as

my fingers run up its length.

Not a crack, not a crevasse

To reach a finger into.

This wall cannot be climbed.

Who dwells in such a high place?

Do they converse across the way,

or do they ignore each other as much

as they do me every day?

Such a lonely place to call home.

These towers seem to me more

like an escape from  the life below.

Where I stand.

If they only understood.

Fortune favors the fool.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

Hiddin Within – A poem


Hidden Within

He watches her. She watches him.

The dog , he watches nothing.

Their eyes can’t hide what lies beneath.

A tilt of the head, a downcast look tells

me all I need to know about their inner


They hate. They love.  They lust. They  laugh at


Is there sadness behind that smile they


Some hide from each other.

Some hide from themselves.

Some hide simply because they can.

I wish I could see all the dreams buried

deep within their heads.

Dreams which they’ve never fed;

maybe a doctor, a lawyer, or a whore,

maybe a pretentious pious little bore.

Their thoughts are hidden;

a landscape of dark shadows and fog banks hung


I watch it all unfold.

They can’t keep it hidden long,

for like a cauldron bubbles, spews, and spits so

does their mind emit a gurgling of regret, a wisp of

weakness, or a hiss of  hysteria in its’ attempt to lament.

I watch and I wait for it all to unfold,

for the hidden to be found and the found to be told.

I’m a spectator to the grand affair which is hidden within.

So know that when I look at you or you at me,

I will see you, see you indeed.

By   Philip Wardlow 2012

Memory of Light! My Book has ARRIVED!

WheelofTime Memory of Light  – 14th Book in the Wheel of Time Series  by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson

That’s me holding the FINAL volume of my most favorite EPIC fantasy series ever written. The First book of a total of fourteen books was first written in 1990 when I was just a wee lad…well just out of high school anyways.

This was a delayed Christmas present pre-ordered on Amazon. It had a release date of January 8th. It just came in the mail……oh yeah..

Ever hear of Lord of the Rings? Well this Story rolls over that with a Steam Roller then backs up and rolls over it again….and then over…and over…you get the picture…

If you like fantasy stories and you haven’t read the first book in the series then first you need to slap yourself. Then next put your head in a bucket of cold water, and then go to the library or scrap up some money, or fence some jewelry and go get it!

It has every thing you could wish for destiny, engaging epic characters, awesome battles, and a heart most of all…

So go check it out …nuff said beacause a movies a long time coming you lazy bastards!

Interesting information on the endangered Rhino from a fellow blogger….check it out!

Fight for Rhinos

Rhinoceros horns are made from keratin, similar to cockatoo bills and
horses’ hooves. Like our fingernails-they DO grow back. It’s been observed that once removed, they regrow completely in 3 years.

There are five types of rhino; the Sumatran, Black Rhino, White Rhino,
Javan, and Indian. The Sumatran, Black and White Rhinos each have two
horns, while the Javan and Indian have one. Depending on the rhino,
horns vary anywhere from 10 inches (for the smaller species) to
55 inches (for the larger ones).

The main use rhinos have for the horn(s) is posturing. They will scare off
encroaching animals or other rhinos. If intimidation doesn’t work, they
use the horns to charge and fight. Other times they may use them to dig in
the soil for grass or edible roots, or water in dry riverbeds. Females use
them to guide and steer their calves.

The luster of a rhino…

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