WORDS – My Poetic Definitions for Certain Words in the English Language


A while back I  made a list of  certain words that had meant something to me personally  throughout my life.  With this list of words I decided to apply my own definition to them in a  poetic sense to really convey what the word means to me in a more concrete but at times abstract way.

These new definitions  would not be what you would  normally find, say  when you are  flipping through a reference book such as Webster’s English Dictionary or some such book of extensive boring knowledge that you have to begun learning  from the very start of Kindergarten all the way to college.

Of course it doesn’t end there, one day when your the Father of energy zapping kids and your relaxing back in bed with a hefty  book in your hands  you may have to keep one of those stupid dictionaries next to you on the nightstand at  your bedside because some pompous arrogrant ass of  an author had to  pick a word no normal person (or abnormal)  would ever use in their own mind let alone in casual conversation.  At times I revel in the English language and at other times I hate it simply because I believe words shouldn’t get in the way of what you are trying to convey to the reader, especially on a contstant basis as some writers like to do.

So here is brief list of the not-so definitions of words:

1.  Apathy –  A smile in your direction which never quite reaches the eyes with a sharp snap of the head away.

2. Dreams – Dim images of lost desire, a quest for innerpeace that travels on a slow runaway train

3. Friends – Pillars with which to hold onto in a raging storm where some are stronger than others.

4. Enemies – The unseen predator which lurks along the edge of life waiting to pounce.

5. Life – An endless array of patchwork on the soles of feet worn down and dirty.

6. Time – A number measured by emotions and circumstances of the day.

7. Envy  – A spark which turns into a flame soon to engulf the entire forest.

8. Justice – A rock thrown back at an unseen hand whose only intent was grief.

9. Poems – A collection of organized to disorganized words which have no meaning unless you say they do.

10. Woman – A mystery behind  a locked door where a thief must apply all his talents to get through.

***I am a word/idea collector so do YOU have any definitions for ME.  I would love to hear them….:)***

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