Somewhere in the Middle – A Poem

Somewhere in the MiddleGoldilocks_

Goldilocks was a high maintenance bitch;

just eat the damn porridge

and get in bed!

Too small,too big

Too hot,too cold

Too hard, too soft.

Big, hot, and hard

and she couldn’t take it.

Never quite right.

Never quite satisfactory.

She was looking for something

perfectly somewhere in the middle.

Golden curls flowed past

shoulders which never knew

beautiful burdens.

Lips laughed at another’s pain

while a hypocrite’s snarl formed

future wrinkles to flourish

into old age.

Blue eyes never saw beyond

the vale which she never

chose to lift.

She was a pretty petite THING,

the ugly cute troll under the bridge,

in her own graceless sort of


Payment was always expected.

The world owed her the world.

Not once pausing….in her thinking…to reflect.

There is no you…only us,

and your somewhere in the middle

of it all just like me.

By Philip Wardlow 2013

Santo Mon

I was invited by the blog site Project Agent Orange after making comments on some of his blogs to submit an original piece for his site. Check out my first stab at poetry written specifically for a political/environmental cause….written with my own flair of course ūüôā


A Poem by Philip Wardlow

Yeah Mon…You know the one.

Remember it.
Founded in 1901 by
a rich family full of ambition.

Your grandmother’s mother washed
her linens with one of their first brands
and hung them to dry in the warm
afternoon sun.
ALL, the detergent of the ages.

Other products flew off the shelf.
Who do you think made Coca Cola taste so
Saccharin, supplied by the Santo Mon.
Here, have a drink.

It set them up real good for what was to come.

If your head was aching, grab some Aspirin.
Pop a little salicylic acid to turn that frown
upside down.

Why stop there Mon, because chemicals were their
specialty ya know;
DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange by the barrel load.

Ya see, the US government had this little war in Vietnam,
They had this idea that they could keep down the…

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The Fight for Rhinos

Check out my wife’s VERY first YouTube Video she made for the conservation of Rhinos on her own Blog…I am so proud of her. More to come… and if you feel like RE-BLOGGING this on your website I won’t complain ūüôā

Fight for Rhinos

My first YouTube attempt..

2 rhinos long horn

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So Happy I’m Sad via the Kloipy Project


A¬†fellow blogger who runs the blog, “Kloipy Speaks” whom ¬†I follow and who incidentally follows me¬† recently asked¬†fellow bloggers¬†and¬† passerby¬†to his¬†sight to¬†name two things which¬†make them happy while at the same¬†time makes them sad. He called it The Kloipy Projects: So Happy I‚Äôm¬†Sad.¬† Go check him out¬†and see what he’s about if you would like. (but not before¬†you finish this damn blogpost…me first)

He got me to thinking¬† –

Hmmm,¬† I wondered….what the hell possibly makes me sad and happy.¬† Is it eating a bowl of ice cream and then suddenly that bowl of ice cream is empty? No, that does not make me happy and sad. Just happy and wanting more. So happy and pathetic was not the question.

So I thunk and thunk and thunk  (picture Pooh bear tapping  paw to head)


Via the ice-cream¬† skewed analogy above.¬†¬† I discovered that most things which make a person sad and happy are things that were good in the past but came to an end or morphed into something other than the original happenstance or experience. So really for me, it¬†results in nostalgia for something. So here are my two happy/sad moments which I always continue to have…I will also preface that the ¬†happy outweighs the sad by a factor of ten for me.

Experience #1:

When I first walk into a comic book shop and get a whiff of the old musty smell which inhabits the nooks and cranies surrounding every corner. It fills my senses and induces a slight euphoria in my being and makes me at one with the world for a moment.¬† Yeah, heavy stuff I know. But that’s what I feel. It feels so good to be in a comic book store…the synapses in my brain fire and bring about all my childhood memories growing up, delving and diving into a fantastic world of make believe and mayhem. It takes me back…then I’m sad just a little because I’m not that same person…I’ve grown up. I have a family, responsibilities, obligations…I can’t be carefree anymore…I have to engage in this thing called life.


Experience #2:

My wife over the years – and I have known her many years – has made mixed tapes and mix CDs for me as I did for her. Its one of those romantic gestures you make when your in love. Its a tribute to¬†your¬† relationship and your acknowledgment of how much they mean to you.¬† Every once in a while, I will pop one in and listen to it…

I am of course happy because the world seemed a simpler place. A fresh world of new possibilities and ¬†burgeoning experiences to be shared with a new love.¬†Fresh raw primal passions (sexual) ¬†to envelope yourself in. Then I am sad a little, because some endearments can get lost or morphed from what they once were…not in a bad way just different….and some things you realize can never be the same but¬†you find in that¬†difference a¬†new richness grows.¬†¬†There in its place is something more special that can only happen with time tested events and the chaos that life brings.


So there you have it…I hope you enjoyed my little trip into my brain….make sure to ¬†scrape your shoes on the mat before you leave. I don’t think you would want to be walking around with my thoughts on the bottom of your shoes mucking about in your world.

Feel free to share your own thoughts on what makes your sad and happy at the same time. I would love to hear them.  Cheers.

Bloody Ballet – A Poem


Bloody Ballet

She pirouettes

adorned in a dress

of black gossamer,

Spinning with blade

in hand to music only

she hears.

Flame red hair sweeps the air,

flinging outward, as

drops of crimson

drip from the tip

to the cold hard floor;

knives held tight by

delicate fingers.

Her hands move with

the intensity of the allegro.

Alive, brisk, and deadly.

The sharpness of her tools

keep up with her demands

of dissection and delving.

The other dancers

fall before her

as if in silent repose.

Arabesque to glissade,

her strong legs coupe

across the floor,

she cuts and cuts and cuts

and does a sourbresaut

like a cat jumping

onto her final partner

in this ensemble of now

only one.

She seeks his heart

as the point punches through.

Death follows

Yet still it beats

as she holds it,

Still it beats

as she takes a bite.

Still it beats

as she rises from

her grand plie

and takes a bow

to the crowd


center stage.

By  Philip Wardlow 2013

Man of Steel Movie – my Disappointment

ManofSteel¬† ¬† I went in with anticipation….I went in with hope for¬† a great story. Yes, I know the origin of Superman and say what you will of origin stories being told over and over, I wanted to see it. Kids don’t read comics anymore.¬† A new generation is born every¬† eight to ten years…you DO need origin movies whether we like it or not….for the youngins. So had I my bag of popcorn and large Pepsi…and mini peppermint patties. I was outfitted with all the proper accoutrements for movie watching….phone off…I am not a dick….not any even a vibration from me….I was dedicated. I was in. Superman had returned….and it was about damn time. Well, until the movie really started…. First, I was assaulted via my eardrums….the movie was loud…I mean very loud…all the time….I mean constantly…it never let up….turn the volume down movie¬†theatre…I don’t care how the movie came¬† in.

Okay, so it was loud. Spoiler alert coming – I didn’t mind the little¬†ten¬†minute prequel story to Superman’s parents…I actually enjoyed that…loudness aside. It was new, it was refreshing for me…I was engaged…okay fast forward to¬†the babe “Kalel” leaving the planet Krypton and arriving on Earth via interstellar¬†rocket ship…quick cut to him full-grown as an adult out in the world moving from job to job¬† as his secret of who he might be is threatened by his own actions. Whether acting through loss of self-control or acts of heroism…he must move on down the road. (kind of like the Hulk)

During this road journey as an adult, we get to see ¬†through flashbacks,his childhood¬† (which I hated ..I thought¬†his story¬†should have been linear from start to finish because they did a crappy job of the flashbacks)¬† We learn his origin and his relationship with his parents Ma and Pa Kent….whatever. This is where the story starts to go south for me…Superman’s Earthly father, Jonathan Kent, played by Kevin Costner was flat as a board can be¬†called flat.¬† This flatness started with Jonathan Kent, and carried over to the rest of the movie and characters. Case in point , when young Clark Kent asks his father¬†if he should have just let¬†the kids die on the school bus just to save his identity, Jonathon Kent’s¬†great fatherly advice is “Yeah, I guess maybe you should have.”¬† and ”¬†You’re just too important”¬†. ¬†This is the ¬†constant refrain through the whole movie¬†including the phrase¬†by Jorel, ¬†Superman’s biological¬†father ¬†“The world may is not ready” Thanks dads….fountains of wisdom you both are.

The only saving grace is the character General Zod, played by the actor Michael Shannon.

General Zod

He is the only one who remotely¬†had any¬†lines that didn’t come off the assembly line of dialogue and¬† clich√© things to say every five minutes or so. The whole movie read like a 1940s comic book of clich√©s and plot holes and continuity.., and just plane not¬†making sense… Yes the action was good…but they relied way too much on things exploding¬† and super human fantastical fights scenes to bring them through. And¬†what the hell was up with Lois Lane appearing everywhere in every scene? The girl got around. ¬†Was she the Flash in disguise?

SO if you like mindless violence go see it.. At the core, this movie lacked heart.¬† The characters seemed to be¬†stand-ins waiting for the real actors or¬† feelings to come through which never really did for me. I have heard this movie has gotten some favorable reviews and received well by audiences.. What that says about our expectations and our culture I don’t know. I do know my son, who is a teenager, ¬†thought it lacked any really character development as did my wife.¬†They were flat, my¬† son said. Yes, that sums it up. They were flat…you didn’t care if they lived or died. from Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Martha Kent, to¬†Perry White. I was rooting for General Zod towards the end.¬† He at least had a good back story and emoted¬†what he was¬†really¬† feeling for me…everyone else seemed to be on a Xanax merry go around waiting to get off. I give it a grade of¬† a B-.

DC¬† Comics has failed me in this latest installment from their world. I WANTED to like it…I am not being¬† a hard ass. I am not mentioning a lot of things which annoyed me…one I will say, is¬† product placement…it was so obvious¬†at times that it took you out of the story and wanted you to go to IHOP¬†for pancakes. Mmmmm pancakes……Okay I’m done.¬† Save the movie as a rental .

Don’t waste your money or your eardrums on it. Rest in Peace Superman. I hope not to see you anytime soon.