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Beauty defined

Beauty Defined ~


If you were to ask me to define what beauty is, I would first pause in my thinking, lose focus to the world and go inward and remember all the instances that touched….held me…..affected me….or drew me in where I had no choice but to be in that moment with it.

I then would ask you the same question and for you to go inward as well.

Then I would ask you of all the instances you remember and I would tell you of mine. And we would share them.

Then in that instant another beautiful moment would be born.





by Philip Wardlow 2015


Random Life Musings that Meander…


The ease with which I do some things may be in turn a struggle for others,

so perhaps its a selective struggle I live  for the obstacles I choose to face.



Interactions and acceptance between people is tough,

its because there are so many pedestals set at different levels



We are somebody’s fool ,even if we are our own…



I am a realist who is pessimistically optimistic about the future of human potential.,

with that said …we might be fucked but I hope not

Somewhere in the Middle – A Poem

Somewhere in the MiddleGoldilocks_

Goldilocks was a high maintenance bitch;

just eat the damn porridge

and get in bed!

Too small,too big

Too hot,too cold

Too hard, too soft.

Big, hot, and hard

and she couldn’t take it.

Never quite right.

Never quite satisfactory.

She was looking for something

perfectly somewhere in the middle.

Golden curls flowed past

shoulders which never knew

beautiful burdens.

Lips laughed at another’s pain

while a hypocrite’s snarl formed

future wrinkles to flourish

into old age.

Blue eyes never saw beyond

the vale which she never

chose to lift.

She was a pretty petite THING,

the ugly cute troll under the bridge,

in her own graceless sort of


Payment was always expected.

The world owed her the world.

Not once pausing….in her thinking…to reflect.

There is no you…only us,

and your somewhere in the middle

of it all just like me.

By Philip Wardlow 2013