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Random Life Musings that Meander…


The ease with which I do some things may be in turn a struggle for others,

so perhaps its a selective struggle I live  for the obstacles I choose to face.



Interactions and acceptance between people is tough,

its because there are so many pedestals set at different levels



We are somebody’s fool ,even if we are our own…



I am a realist who is pessimistically optimistic about the future of human potential.,

with that said …we might be fucked but I hope not

Happy Accident – A poem by Philip Wardlow

Happy Accident

Everything and anything

could have been that day,

yet I was there sitting in that place,

in that small little space,

in that time, that moment

plucked with you in


A hello, a smile, a small question

to catch my eye.

 My attention never wavered…as something,

yes something…told me

there was more  to this meeting,


than just

the  casual.

You were my Happy Accident

if I only chose

to embrace it.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

I suppose – Random thoughts put to prose

I suppose

Life goes and goes…and nobody knows truly why….you can tell me you truly know…and I will nod my head and say yeah, I suppose, and not seek to dismiss cuz I’m like that – to each their own – …but deep inside I’m still surmising, guessing, hoping…I do believe there is some purpose to this space and time that we occupy. But could that be the secret? That we apply a purpose to begin with.  Whatever the case, I believe Will, Desire and Intention have a power all their own..so we will see when all the lights are turned off and the door is finally locked tight and the sign is finally hung….what mysteries may await us after closing time.  By Philip Wardlow