Let Go



Let go
Two simple words
yet as complex
a phrase as you
will ever hear

Give over
Give in
Just submit

To Life
To Me
To Change
To Everything

While opening your mind
to the darkness inside
and letting the night take you
where it will

Fear dissolves,
replaced with a surety of a soul
that has always
resided in you.

by Philip Wardlow 2015

A laugh, a smile and those sad eyes

A laugh, a smile and those sad eyes ~


It’s full
its vibrant
its like the tinkling
of a beautiful sonorous
bell which vibrates
down to the core of my soul
as I laze atop
a high grassy knoll at

Full lips, upturned into
an infectious curl of cuteness
catching a full wide grin
upon cheeks bursting with
an energy all directed at me.
Any pretty picture pales
next to the scene she sets.

I can’t swim
not into her
for she is fathomless.
Her look pulls me down,
the weight
for she wants to be seen..
Known for what she is.

Her depths are deeper than most
dark depths…of pain,,and remorse
love and loss.
Currents pull ever onward
on and on
I flow
into her
It cannot be fought
you just have to let
go and float
and flow
into her,
and her sad eyes



by Philip Wardlow 2015

Bite Bite – Dare I say it would be a good rock song….:)

Grin, grin

Cheshire cat….grin, grin.

Flashing canines…lets begin….


Take a bite…I know what you like.bite

Little Monster…creeping my skin

Tongue flicks…oh you know what I like

Bite Bite!

Little one….oh it’s only just begun

to get real…

Eyes looking at me with intent

to kill

Eyes looking at me with passion

yet to be fulfilled

I’ll take you there my friend

I’ll take you there, just

give me a bite.

And we’ll move on from there

Just a nibble…a nom nom

To get me to come

to you and show you

some fun

Bite Bite


My Little one.