Shark Shark!


I know I am bait
on the deep dark blue
I paddle and wait
I splash…intentionally
I cut my calf to bleed
a bloody trail
on the currents that carry me
Never a warning given
I fly
air is my only friend for the moment
as I descend
I know it will return…
shortly..very shortly.
For it has plunged,
to rise …rise… rise
right underneath.
To finish its meal.
I can’t see, I can’t see
below into this bloody
dim sea.
But it’s there rising fast.
It’s there.
Rising to meet

by Philip Wardlow 2015

Delicate Strength

A Delicate Strength~Delicatestrength


If I called her delicate
She might well give me
a dark eyed glare
and haul off and try and hit me
Then I would laugh
and push her down
Arms restrained
She would fight
Oh yes, she would fight
Tendons taunt
against muscles she
couldn’t hope to overcome
But I feel her strength
a quiet marching strength
in her soul.
It pours off her in everything
she says and does.
But she has a delicate
For her heart has been strained
Pained beyond belief at times.
Yet she hangs on
through that strength at
her core
I feel it as she struggles against me
As I smile my mischievous smile
and get her to smile along with me
in that struggle
And let her win…


by Philip Wardlow

Hole in the Sky – A Poem

Hole in the Sky ~
The winds whipped by
enscrolling her in a magicalbright_sky_4_by_photohouse
and continuing
Flirting with desires,
and compulsions to go aloft.
To soar on currents
from the
by souls
that know her
As rooted as a tree
deeply confined
to the earth
She was meant for
the heights,.
the clouds,
strange lands
and forbidden tastes.
Never known.
There is a hole in the
blue of space as
as the sky misses
for she was always meant
to fly.
By Philip Wardlow 2015


Head to chest

she lays upon him

his heart beats..loud and clear

in her ear.

Strong hands idly rub her soft skin

in an embrace

of familiar affection.

Skin to skin.,

warmth projects

from within to without

and commingles.

A comfort.

A contentment

that cannot be contrived

or bought.

It simply is in that moment

what it is,

a deep snuggle and

a small world

all her own

with him.

By Philip Wardlow





Soft but insistent…
mirroring , playful yet sensual ,
wet, probing and tasting with tongue
just ever so lightly…
heated and wanting…
pheromones and testosterone exchanged in the mingling of saliva
exciting synapses
and releasing of endorphins…
ah yes…a Kiss


by Philip Wardlow 2015