Words of Discontentment – A poem


Words of Discontentment –Jester

I will just sit here and smile
like a marionette
with a painted on grin.

Shall that make you happy?

Nothing is wrong.
I’m smiling just for you.
Aren’t I a good little boy?

Why should there ever be anything wrong?
Yes. Yes. Pat me on the head
All is fine in Whoville.
Why talk when
you can just
live in your own world of favored
opinions that works
just for you.

Judge me. Throw me away.
I have no friend.

I would hold your hand as you
walked through hell.

But you would kick me there
just to not be offended by
my presence you have already
deemed unworthy of your

I guess I didn’t rate.
I guess the present I brought to
the party was found wanting
from the rest.

I guess I thought too much
of a friendship that was never

by Philip Wardlow



I seek Elpis – A Poem

Kiersten Eve Eagan
Pandora’s Jar (yes a Jar…the Greek word “Pithos” was mistranslated to “Box” instead of the word “Jar” and it just stuck

I Seek Elpis –


The Spirit of Hope,  Elpis, flew,

last out of that Jar which Pandora had opened,

yet it flew.

Always playing catch up to the despair and destruction

the foul ones had left in their wake,

yet it came.

On gossamer wings of gold

to lit upon the fragile souls

earthly bound.

Diseased,  destitute, or almost dead,

Bereaved, broken, or branded.

It found them in the highest of heights

to the darkest holes or pitted caves.

Yet it found them.

Know that the foul ones who sap the will  are many.

Know that the foul ones who drive down the heart be strong.

Yet,  Elpis’ limits are limitless

when called to.

You simply have to seek it and

it will be appear.


by Philip Wardlow








Mad Men, Angry Women – A poem

Mad Men, Angry Women –


She smiled when she first met you.Smiling young couple in love

You smiled back just as easily.

Why did that smile slowly fade

into  a rictus of a grimace?

Why did the feelings encapsulated

in those smiles dissolve and morph into

something menacing and mad.

At what point did they take that turn


Did you let the history between you two

add up in the negative?

Math is a fickle thing when you let

yourself cheat.

How many blind eyes do you have?

How many lives have you left?

What are you allowed?

Think on it, and remember to smile

while your doing it.


by Philip Wardlow 2014



Nigerian Kidnappings: The Link to Poaching

A must read…

Fight for Rhinos

Rhino and elephant poaching is detrimental not only to the rhino and elephant, but to global security. Poaching profits fund terrorist activity, like the kidnapping of over 200 girls in Nigeria.

funding terrorism

On April 16, armed men took 223 girls from their beds in the middle of the night at their school in Nigeria.  They disappeared into the dense forest near the Cameroon border, and have not been seen since. Boko Haram is the Islamic extremist group responsible. They especially oppose the education of women, and it is believed the militants are selling the girls to be brides of their tormentors.

The Nigerian based  Islamic extremist group fights with advanced weaponry and equipment, which is in high contrast with the poor surroundings of the country. Their funding is vast and somewhat unknown.  In part, they may be receiving funding from other terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, they also reap benefits from robberies, and poachings.

Boka Haram poaching activity is…

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