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First Day to Last


The hand moves on the clock

as the little girl skips down the block.

Sun up to sun down.

She laughs. and laughs, and laughs,

and sings in her heart.

Until one day the ground comes to meet

her head on.

Now, her trust in gravity is suddenly gone.

Yet, she still skips, but ever so hesitantly.

Just ever so, knowing the cost in her

lack of caution.

Her heart still sings

as she joins in a game

of Double Dutch.

The rope flies as her feet take flight.

But the other girls in their turning

are not nice,

as they

slow the speed of the spin

throwing off the girls rhythm

So once again, gravity brings

blood on a sidewalk and

scraped raw knees,

and a small wall.

On and on her days come and go,

the clock continually ticking

with the gravity of the Universe

never relenting.

Always there; spinning,

as this little girl still

continues to skip

and jump rope.

With that same song

deep within her heart

humming ever so slowly,

just ever so.


by Philip Wardlow 2016






I could say – A poem

I could say ~
I could say
I have been wrongedBag
ten times over
and it drove me
creeping to the
state I am.
Punches came
Left, Right, from you
from her, him,
from within.
I could say that…
But I knew.
I saw all the punches
and I just stood there.
and took it
That punch, then that one, and another
and the pain came.
It seems to like me
and I’m addicted
to it
Until I feel nothing else
I could say I should
have bobbed and weaved
danced and played
with my opponent (s)
Been more of a fighter
than just a bag.
I could say a lot but
I can’t because my
lip is swollen shut
So I am waiting for it to heal
Then we’ll see
what I’ll say.
Philip Wardlow 2015

Mad Men, Angry Women – A poem

Mad Men, Angry Women –


She smiled when she first met you.Smiling young couple in love

You smiled back just as easily.

Why did that smile slowly fade

into  a rictus of a grimace?

Why did the feelings encapsulated

in those smiles dissolve and morph into

something menacing and mad.

At what point did they take that turn


Did you let the history between you two

add up in the negative?

Math is a fickle thing when you let

yourself cheat.

How many blind eyes do you have?

How many lives have you left?

What are you allowed?

Think on it, and remember to smile

while your doing it.


by Philip Wardlow 2014