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I could say – A poem

I could say ~
I could say
I have been wrongedBag
ten times over
and it drove me
creeping to the
state I am.
Punches came
Left, Right, from you
from her, him,
from within.
I could say that…
But I knew.
I saw all the punches
and I just stood there.
and took it
That punch, then that one, and another
and the pain came.
It seems to like me
and I’m addicted
to it
Until I feel nothing else
I could say I should
have bobbed and weaved
danced and played
with my opponent (s)
Been more of a fighter
than just a bag.
I could say a lot but
I can’t because my
lip is swollen shut
So I am waiting for it to heal
Then we’ll see
what I’ll say.
Philip Wardlow 2015