The Devil is Dealt – A poem


The Devil is Dealt –

So, I say.

Let the Devil show his face

I know him well but it doesn’t

mean we are friends.

He doesn’t watch my house when

I am on vacation, or babysit

my kids.

Sure, we share a drink and a laugh

about that crazy neighbor down

the street.

But he’s not my buddy.

He can be a little needy at times

ya know.

Always in my face as I go to get

the mail and wanting to talk,

looking at me over the fence,

wanting to borrow my weed-wacker

and never returning it.

But I tolerate him,

I guess I feel sorry for him.

He has no family to speak of, I see no friends

come to visit.

He just sits on the porch and mumbles

to himself late at night

smoking that damn cigar.

I guess I see a little myself in him

but it’s time to cut him


Else he’ll just keep coming

around more often.

by Philip Wardlow 2014


Life is about  dodging and jumping…..jabbing and grabbing….lip smacking that delicious girl that twinkles an eye your way…

So don’t stay complacent…get in the game…let it be fun….that run…that breath you take….that adrenaline which courses….that

chance you throw to the wind….as you try to fly like other men.






Just me – A poem



Just Me-


I dibble and I dabble

leap like a Lemur and laze around like a Lion…

I run like a fox and find my friends in the dark forest .

The shadows wrap around me and I call them home…

my passions run deep down many avenues you wouldn’t care to drive I’m sure..

I will smile as you smile…laugh as you laugh…

life is meant to be spent…

not jingled and jangled in the pocket all day long.


by Philip Wardlow 2014

Being Human – A Poem

Being Human-


I am confused but not confused

I have clarity

In all things

But I am muddled

In all things big

That really


And what matters?


You say THAT matters

He says THIS matters.

She says I matter.

We say WE matter.

When no one does

And everyone should.



Mr. Ball.

And get struck hard with the paddle

Back to the other side


YOU cannot hide

Because that paddles a coming



That about sums

us up.


By Philip Wardlow 2014LettingGoFreeFall

My Beautiful Dead Girl – A Poem

An oldie but a goodie and appropriate for October…:)

Ain't no rest for the Wicked - Philip Wardlow - The real and the sensual sides to life in all its facets..

Haunted eyes

wrapped in misery.

You are already dead,

so why should you feel pain?


Pain is your purgatory

little girl, a grand gift

from scales that can never

be balanced in your favor.


Haunted eyes they may be,

but I see defiance, strength,

lingering deep, always

ready to rise to the surface.


Never did death look so beautiful

A perfection in form chiseled

from stone beaten up and torn

down by the elements.


You wear your cloak well,

dark and tear stained, wrapped

tight around a body that

still flies free.


You are my beautiful dead girl.

with cold hands clenching tight around

a warm heart

that beats just for you.

by Philip Wardlow

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