The Devil is Dealt – A poem


The Devil is Dealt –

So, I say.

Let the Devil show his face

I know him well but it doesn’t

mean we are friends.

He doesn’t watch my house when

I am on vacation, or babysit

my kids.

Sure, we share a drink and a laugh

about that crazy neighbor down

the street.

But he’s not my buddy.

He can be a little needy at times

ya know.

Always in my face as I go to get

the mail and wanting to talk,

looking at me over the fence,

wanting to borrow my weed-wacker

and never returning it.

But I tolerate him,

I guess I feel sorry for him.

He has no family to speak of, I see no friends

come to visit.

He just sits on the porch and mumbles

to himself late at night

smoking that damn cigar.

I guess I see a little myself in him

but it’s time to cut him


Else he’ll just keep coming

around more often.

by Philip Wardlow 2014

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