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Just me – A poem



Just Me-


I dibble and I dabble

leap like a Lemur and laze around like a Lion…

I run like a fox and find my friends in the dark forest .

The shadows wrap around me and I call them home…

my passions run deep down many avenues you wouldn’t care to drive I’m sure..

I will smile as you smile…laugh as you laugh…

life is meant to be spent…

not jingled and jangled in the pocket all day long.


by Philip Wardlow 2014

Roadkill – Novella Ebook – 2day FREE Promotion Starts Today Saturday April 5th!!


ROADKILL Amazon Free Offer 

If you are new to my website you may not have realized that I Epublished a book to Amazon that sells for $2.99,  called you guessed it, “Roadkill” , back in late 2012.

If you look to the right of this article,  you will see a direct link to that story on Amazon’s website. You can also click here or above.

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Please read my little synopsis below or go to Amazon’s website to see what the story is about:

Roadkill Synopsis:

There are things that lurk in our world unseen, dark creatures lost in a time and a world so ancient as to be forgotten by the same humans who made dark dealings with them so very long ago.

Now per happenstance, on a dark shrouded road these worlds will collide briefly again….

What would you do if you hit and killed something on the road in a raging blizzard in the middle of the night and that something you killed had a companion which meant to force you to make amends for your actions?

Adrian is the thirty-something already troubled family man who suddenly finds himself in that world. Adrian soon discovers it doesn’t want him. It wants the thing he holds most dear to his heart. Whom will the thing choose as the price to be paid, Adrian’s lovely wife Elisa, or his young eight year old daughter Sylvia?

Following the ancient laws set forth, a balance must be kept, and Adrian the good family man, must pay the price whether he likes it or not. Will Adrian have it in him to fight to keep his family whole or will he give into his fears and past traumas that have haunted him for years and lose the ones he loves along with perhaps his own life in the process?

Creepy – 30day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem #29

Creepy –

I bet I can creep you out in some small way…:)

What exactly are you scared of?

You  sitting there, looking at your screen reading this.

A thousand things in nature  perhaps may be  just around

the corner. Waiting to meet you.

Be it man, an animal, a deformed creature or the unholiest of holies

in the night.

Some DO exist,  and  some may exist. You don’t really know for sure if they don’t.

It’s a big creepy world out there with big creepy things in it.

Do you need to go to the bathroom? Have a sit on the toilet.

Try not to look down and imagine something slowly crawling through the pipe

into your business. Is that the sound of very small teeth?

What’s your number? And is it up tonight?

You can probably say no. BUT you could be dead before the morn.

Singled out by that leery eyed little man down the street,

that’s taken a fancy to those beautiful feet.

He must have them for his collection you know…he must.

Oh, you’re at a party amongst your closest friends?

So you’re safe…sure, sure, no worries. He’ll wait.

Check your car, check your closet,  check under the bed.

that’s where I would hide If I wanted you dead.

What’s that tickle in your throat?

What’s that rumble in your belly?

Something kicking and crawling to get out?

Now how did that find it’s way in? Perhaps through

your belly button.

Well after all, it is Halloween my friend.Creepy

by Philip Wardlow

Witch Hunt- 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge Poem #22



Sister,  sister, you’re dead now. 
known as only ashes buried deep in a cold shallow
grave at the top of a lonely hill…
I saw you burn hotter than the sun, tied to a stake
worse than a dog was ever done.
Sister,  your shrieks still fill my ears from
that day, as they continued to pile on the wood to your funeral pyre.
I saw them laugh as the flames rose ever higher and higher.
I could only salt the earth with my tears for I was far too young.
Far too young  to save  a lighted soul such as yours being wronged.
My own darkened that day,
blacker than a shipbuilder’s pitch.
A witch you never were, but now
a witch I have become,
and tonight I hunt.
Hunt for the many ones,
and oh they will surely see a witch
tonight of the like they
have never seen.
By Philip Wardlow 2016

Spider Crawling – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – Poem#15 – HALF WAY!!


Spider Crawling

Did  you know  they crawl  mostly  at night?

Spinning  their webs to snare their prey in the day.

They like warm places.

They dwell in dark recesses .

Sometimes as you sleep they select

an ear or a nose.

A slight tickle may make you fidget  as you dream

I suppose.

They just wish a home to feel safe in.

So let them crawl;

over blanket, over pillow, on cheek,

over lips, to the darkness within.

by Philip Wardlow

I appreciate my Followers


Just wanted to let my followers know  I appreciate you hanging on and your support .  I am writing writing writing  as always…thanks for your likes and your occasional comments!

New Short story to come on here and as always working on  FIRST novel that I am so TRYING to get finished for this year and ready for submission to Publishers.

So keep following, more great things to come…:)

Thoughts on You – A Poem (of an erotic nature)

Thoughts  on YouBlueNude

You can tell a lot from a kiss;

anticipation, compassion, violence,  elation, a connection,

an erection.

You make looking beautiful look easy babe.

That body is a 9 volt battery I wish to put my tongue to.

I want to kiss every freckle that covers your body;

you know this  because you sun yourself

just so you can get a few more before I come home.

I have imagined you naked many times

but you exceed those imaginings a thousands fantasies over what my

mind could grasp once your bra and panties hit the floor.

You touch me in a subtle way;

its enough to tell me you have already fucked me in your head.

Yet still you tease;

bending over in front of me, giving me a backwards glance

along with a sly smile

and telling me to come and get it.

So I come and get it.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

The Road – A poem


The Road

Like a tornado the ravens circle,

as roadkill litters the  highway, sitting in piles by the roadside.

Scurry, scurry little ones,

lest you be picked off.

Your senses are keen but never keen enough.

For who can see


every act, every thought, every disease,

every evil deed gone awry

or to perfect plan

coming down the road.

Not me.

So be careful little creatures;

look with eyes wide as you cross the dark road.

Be smart.

Be wise.

Be wary.

and perhaps most of you will

survive the night.

by Philip Wardlow 2013