Creepy – 30day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem #29

Creepy –

I bet I can creep you out in some small way…:)

What exactly are you scared of?

You  sitting there, looking at your screen reading this.

A thousand things in nature  perhaps may be  just around

the corner. Waiting to meet you.

Be it man, an animal, a deformed creature or the unholiest of holies

in the night.

Some DO exist,  and  some may exist. You don’t really know for sure if they don’t.

It’s a big creepy world out there with big creepy things in it.

Do you need to go to the bathroom? Have a sit on the toilet.

Try not to look down and imagine something slowly crawling through the pipe

into your business. Is that the sound of very small teeth?

What’s your number? And is it up tonight?

You can probably say no. BUT you could be dead before the morn.

Singled out by that leery eyed little man down the street,

that’s taken a fancy to those beautiful feet.

He must have them for his collection you know…he must.

Oh, you’re at a party amongst your closest friends?

So you’re safe…sure, sure, no worries. He’ll wait.

Check your car, check your closet,  check under the bed.

that’s where I would hide If I wanted you dead.

What’s that tickle in your throat?

What’s that rumble in your belly?

Something kicking and crawling to get out?

Now how did that find it’s way in? Perhaps through

your belly button.

Well after all, it is Halloween my friend.Creepy

by Philip Wardlow

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