Thoughts on You – A Poem (of an erotic nature)

Thoughts  on YouBlueNude

You can tell a lot from a kiss;

anticipation, compassion, violence,  elation, a connection,

an erection.

You make looking beautiful look easy babe.

That body is a 9 volt battery I wish to put my tongue to.

I want to kiss every freckle that covers your body;

you know this  because you sun yourself

just so you can get a few more before I come home.

I have imagined you naked many times

but you exceed those imaginings a thousands fantasies over what my

mind could grasp once your bra and panties hit the floor.

You touch me in a subtle way;

its enough to tell me you have already fucked me in your head.

Yet still you tease;

bending over in front of me, giving me a backwards glance

along with a sly smile

and telling me to come and get it.

So I come and get it.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

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