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Witch Hunt- 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge Poem #22

October 23, 2013


Witch Hunt –

Sister sister….you’re dead now….with ashes buried deep in a cold shallow

grave at the top of a lonely hill…

I saw you burn hotter than the sun …tied to a stake

like a dog.

Sister…oh sister…your shrieks still fill my ears from

that day as they continued to pile the wood on your  funeral pyre.

I saw them laugh as the flames rose ever higher.

I could only salt the earth with my tears, I was too young to

save you, too young to bring justice

to a lighted soul such as yours that was wronged.

Now my own  has darkened since that day,

blacker than a shipbuilder’s pitch.

A witch you never were, but now

a witch I have become,

and tonight I hunt.

By Philip Wardlow

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