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Hug me

Artwork by Christian Ward
















Hug Me~


A woman will always want  a hug more than a man

but a man will always need a hug more than a woman.

Neither knows why.

She will want his presence close; his arms and his heart.

In that very moment as he embraces,

he will be her harbor for all the days

that he holds her.

He will need her light and the one

she sees in him when he cannot.

Through that embrace, her light will envelop

him and strengthen him for all his days

to come.


by Philip Wardlow 2016












Fill up my time fish






Fill up my time fish~


She said,  “Fill up my time

while I wait for something

that I can finally keep

to drop on by.”


He said, “You’ll do,

you beautiful thing you,

now hurry , spread your legs as

my want of  you is  almost up.”


You are my novelty for the day,

the week, the month, the year,

as my desires

run their phases like the moon

runs its course across the skies

a hundred thousand million times.

You didn’t know it, but you did.

You hoped, but you still did.

Our original sin, over and over again.

That seems to be half the fun.


Are we all hobbies? Habits?

Frivolous fantasies and disastrous

desires run amok?

Dear affections that grab us like

a child holding tight to a goldfish

in a brand new bowl.

We all know what  happens to that fish.



by Philip Wardlow 2016

The Zombie and the Saint

Art by Apterus

The Zombie and the Saint~



She walked in a disjointed gait

down a dark desolate street

thigh highs taunt and tight

on a withered frame

hollow and desiccated.

Held together by a tight black

skirt, and laced corset.

I approached to ask  for a light.

Her dispassionate gaze

crawled over me,  a hunger

was there, undefined.

Dull, Defective, Defunct

I shrugged, and moved on.

A cold hand clutched

vice like,

as claws dug

into me, desperately.

I looked to her eyes

and found a light

Bright embers burning


And took her home

Or did

she take me?

I will never know.

But should I really care?

For she saved me.

She was my Saint.



by Philip Wardlow 2015






















Head to chest

she lays upon him

his heart beats..loud and clear

in her ear.

Strong hands idly rub her soft skin

in an embrace

of familiar affection.

Skin to skin.,

warmth projects

from within to without

and commingles.

A comfort.

A contentment

that cannot be contrived

or bought.

It simply is in that moment

what it is,

a deep snuggle and

a small world

all her own

with him.

By Philip Wardlow


Mad Men, Angry Women – A poem

Mad Men, Angry Women –


She smiled when she first met you.Smiling young couple in love

You smiled back just as easily.

Why did that smile slowly fade

into  a rictus of a grimace?

Why did the feelings encapsulated

in those smiles dissolve and morph into

something menacing and mad.

At what point did they take that turn


Did you let the history between you two

add up in the negative?

Math is a fickle thing when you let

yourself cheat.

How many blind eyes do you have?

How many lives have you left?

What are you allowed?

Think on it, and remember to smile

while your doing it.


by Philip Wardlow 2014