Words of Discontentment – A poem


Words of Discontentment –Jester

I will just sit here and smile
like a marionette
with a painted on grin.

Shall that make you happy?

Nothing is wrong.
I’m smiling just for you.
Aren’t I a good little boy?

Why should there ever be anything wrong?
Yes. Yes. Pat me on the head
All is fine in Whoville.
Why talk when
you can just
live in your own world of favored
opinions that works
just for you.

Judge me. Throw me away.
I have no friend.

I would hold your hand as you
walked through hell.

But you would kick me there
just to not be offended by
my presence you have already
deemed unworthy of your

I guess I didn’t rate.
I guess the present I brought to
the party was found wanting
from the rest.

I guess I thought too much
of a friendship that was never

by Philip Wardlow



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