I seek Elpis – A Poem

Kiersten Eve Eagan
Pandora’s Jar (yes a Jar…the Greek word “Pithos” was mistranslated to “Box” instead of the word “Jar” and it just stuck

I Seek Elpis –


The Spirit of Hope,  Elpis, flew,

last out of that Jar which Pandora had opened,

yet it flew.

Always playing catch up to the despair and destruction

the foul ones had left in their wake,

yet it came.

On gossamer wings of gold

to lit upon the fragile souls

earthly bound.

Diseased,  destitute, or almost dead,

Bereaved, broken, or branded.

It found them in the highest of heights

to the darkest holes or pitted caves.

Yet it found them.

Know that the foul ones who sap the will  are many.

Know that the foul ones who drive down the heart be strong.

Yet,  Elpis’ limits are limitless

when called to.

You simply have to seek it and

it will be appear.


by Philip Wardlow








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