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Happy Happens

I can’t make you happy
and you can’t make me.
Happy happens
Stop missing the moments
when you could have
And I’ll stop missing
my own.
But by my side
is where I want you
cuz happiness
is always better
And your smile, your laugh,
your touch
and fits
like a neat little
puzzle piece
into my
very soul.

by Philip Wardlow 2019

She tries


I am at a lost
to fathom the depths
and heights of the walls
of her.

The precarious walk
she takes in the lofts
of the upper reaches
must be harrowing.

Her balance must be precise
leveled on the balls of feet
which tread a path where
a head floats in the clouds
never looking down.

At me.
The Flea.

Such is she.

That ignores me.
For who am I
but who laid his heart bare
for her.

It seems I have always known my place in her heart was but a vault
for another key to release
her from a prison.
That I could never see.

But she tries.
This girl. This woman.
She still tries
for me.

By Philip Wardlow 2016

Random Life Musings that Meander…


The ease with which I do some things may be in turn a struggle for others,

so perhaps its a selective struggle I live  for the obstacles I choose to face.



Interactions and acceptance between people is tough,

its because there are so many pedestals set at different levels



We are somebody’s fool ,even if we are our own…



I am a realist who is pessimistically optimistic about the future of human potential.,

with that said …we might be fucked but I hope not

Stuff – A Love Poem



I was busy doing stuff when you came upon me…

That smile you directed at me  got me thinking about stuff.

Wonderful stuff it was indeed,

especially when you walked away

and your stuff swayed and sashayed.

But what stuff did I have to offer you?

My smile wasn’t as bright, my pockets were bare, my soul not quite right,

I  didn’t shine.

Our stuffs didn’t compare.

Yet you smiled.

and all that stuff went away in the instant it was thought.

So we wined and dined, talked and walked

held hands, and kissed on a bridge while the moon hung high.

Later, my stuff came up  close  to your stuff,

then went into your stuff  while my stuff moved all about and around.

Your stuff was monumental.

So I made you my wife.

Such is the stuff

of life.

by Philip Wardlow