Stuff – A Love Poem



I was busy doing stuff when you came upon me…

That smile you directed at me  got me thinking about stuff.

Wonderful stuff it was indeed,

especially when you walked away

and your stuff swayed and sashayed.

But what stuff did I have to offer you?

My smile wasn’t as bright, my pockets were bare, my soul not quite right,

I  didn’t shine.

Our stuffs didn’t compare.

Yet you smiled.

and all that stuff went away in the instant it was thought.

So we wined and dined, talked and walked

held hands, and kissed on a bridge while the moon hung high.

Later, my stuff came up  close  to your stuff,

then went into your stuff  while my stuff moved all about and around.

Your stuff was monumental.

So I made you my wife.

Such is the stuff

of life.

by Philip Wardlow

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