Aspects of Her – A Poem


Aspects of Her

A sunshine smile

dipped in a psychedelic rainbow

of colors that don’t exist

in the spectrum  that

physics would allow.


Slide your hands down your hips,

feel the silk threads float over

your soft cashmere skin;

you always liked  touching yourself

more than me.


 Eyes look away when I speak to them.

I can’t quite catch their color; evasive

as a fish in a warm running stream.


Sad, reflective, in denial of your

desperation as you try and fit into

a dress that’s just a little too tight.


You are a free spirit that confines

herself behind a waterfall of wishes

that will never see fruition.


This is you, all the aspects, all the incarnations,

All the pages yet to be written, all the pages

torn out and tear stained and written over again

then forgotten..


This is you and I have known

them all.

By Philip Wardlow 2013

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