Memory of Light! My Book has ARRIVED!

WheelofTime Memory of Light  – 14th Book in the Wheel of Time Series  by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson

That’s me holding the FINAL volume of my most favorite EPIC fantasy series ever written. The First book of a total of fourteen books was first written in 1990 when I was just a wee lad…well just out of high school anyways.

This was a delayed Christmas present pre-ordered on Amazon. It had a release date of January 8th. It just came in the mail……oh yeah..

Ever hear of Lord of the Rings? Well this Story rolls over that with a Steam Roller then backs up and rolls over it again….and then over…and over…you get the picture…

If you like fantasy stories and you haven’t read the first book in the series then first you need to slap yourself. Then next put your head in a bucket of cold water, and then go to the library or scrap up some money, or fence some jewelry and go get it!

It has every thing you could wish for destiny, engaging epic characters, awesome battles, and a heart most of all…

So go check it out …nuff said beacause a movies a long time coming you lazy bastards!

3 thoughts on “Memory of Light! My Book has ARRIVED!”

  1. Okay, I know I could’ve done away with the “Yay!!”. I know the feeling, Philip, when getting that book you were so long after. . .Mine was No Country For Old Men. . .now that’s a book to read, and a great movie to see. Also, I was happy when I came across Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. Now that’s a classic. . .and the movie. . .one of my all-time favorites! Sigh.

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