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John Wick 3 Review



A little disappointed in John Wick 3 …good action as always but lacking in dialogue and character development and leaning too hard on the action and stunt work. Also the progression from scene seemed too contrived and not organic. The movie this time around relied more on you caring about the type of way a person would die or the type of gun or weapon used than the pain of the character’s inner world I grew to love… The last two movies had a more delicate touch to the soul of a driven man…this was just a baseball bat breaking dishes for no reason besides because you didn’t like the pattern on them… Visually it was stunning at times with more world building giving the world more character than the person or persons themselves…plus the previous 2 movies had a pointed villain making it personal but this was more of a anti-establishment, of a me vs a corp entity feel. Writers this time around were lacking in imagination and storytelling … I saw no upward or downward movement in characters this time around… Kinda just there……I give it a B- … Still on board with franchise , just don’t disappoint again else ya gonna get cut… ūüėą

Best and Worst “Marvel” Movies



I think I compiled the full list of  Marvel movies. That is movies with Marvel Characters in them based on the comic book characters and not movies exclusively made by Marvel studios.

The count I got was 37 Films.. Please correct me if I am in error and I will correct my listing,  and I am not counting Howard the Duck dammit:
My Best to Worst list is my ¬†opinion only of course. Any movie with an asterisk on it is one I have not actually seen but that is not many but I placed them where I thought they deserved to be …probably towards the worst end which was¬†why I didn’t see them in the first place….:)
1. Avengers
2. Captain America 2
3. Antman
4. Guardians of the Galaxy
5. Iron Man 1
6. Spiderman 2 (Tobey Maguire/Dock Ock)
7. Captain America 1
8.  Iron Man 2
9, X-men First Class
10.Blade 1
11.Amazing Spiderman  1 (Andrew Garfield/Origin Story)
12.Thor 1
13.The Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton)
14.Punisher 1
15. Spiderman 1 (Tobey Maguire/Origin Story)
16.Xmen – Days of Future Past
17. Wolverine 2
18. Blade III
19. Iron Man 3
20.Wolverine 1
21. X-men 1
22. Blade 2
23. Avengers 2
24. Thor 2
25. Xmen II
26.Fantastic Four 2 (Silver Surfer)
27. Elektra
28. Daredevil
29. New Fantastic Four*
30. Punisher 2 *
31. Fantastic Four 1 (Original)
32.Spiderman 3
33. X-men 3
34 Amazing Spiderman 2 (Andrew Garfield)
35.The Hulk (Original w/ Eric Bana)
36.Ghost Rider 1* (Saw partially then vomited)
37.Ghost Rider 2* (Saw partially then vomited

The Last Supper Art Challenge to my Fellow BLOGGERS!


Found this cool piece of art work out in the nether regions of cyberspace through others  I follow who also posted it.  The artwork is Copywritten by Bill McConkey  (now I have to go check out more of his stuff)

This for me, is my form of religion if you will¬†…sacrilege I know….¬†ūüôā

Can you spot ALL the  movie references depicted in the artwork. That includes the posters hanging on the wall as well.

I would love to see if anyone finds something that  I might have  missed.

Good luck…¬† btw¬† I counted 25 Movie references¬†and ¬†identified all 25….so HA!




I have a friend named Jason Roth, who is a up and coming filmmaker who is currently in the process of producing a full length no holds bard animated movie that looks to be a smash. He’s picked up some prominent actors to do some of ¬†the voice overs for the movie. One you might know very well if you have ever seen the Vampire Flick,¬†Dusk before Dawn. He¬†has also appeared in¬†Zombie Apocalypse:Redemption, and many more movies. He goes by the name of FRED “THE HAMMER” WILLIAMSON , and did¬† I forget to¬†mention ¬†also¬† a¬†former professional football star.¬† Please check out the informational link above to the Sticky Fingers Site if you would like to help out in this endeavor.




Fred Williamson at work doing voice over the Animated Movie

and these guys don’t work for peanuts!

So give any donation you can afford to keep this project up and running!¬† $5, $10,$25…..$100,¬†¬† your left kidney…we can sell it on the black market we have connections!

Seriously check out¬† the site :¬†¬†STICKY FINGERS BEGATHON¬†2013¬† to see what the project¬† is all about…and donate donate!¬†¬† Did I say donate!

This is how the little guys gets big…how do you think Steven Spielberg started out? He begged, borrowed, and stole from his friends!

Reality Set in the Fantastic – 5 Movies which move me to write the way I write

I have seen many movies….I mean many many movies. Probably not as many as some of¬†the people ¬†I¬† follow who are real movie reviewers unlike me in the blogsphere.¬†They are ¬†the real diehards I have come to know in this thing we call the internet.

I am simply, myself, an avid moviegoer who likes to traverse through  all movies, not really caring for one genre over the other. I look for good quality and uniqueness in the story & characters. I could find it in horror,a drama, a comedy, an action flick , sci-fi, or a fantasy movie.

I found that certain movies have shaped me as a writer in the direction I wish to go in my craft. The five¬† I have listed below barely scratch the surface for what has moved or shaped me but they are a good sampling¬†to show you where¬†my head is at. I highly recommend seeing any and all of them if you haven’t already.¬†Some of the five I picked ¬†you¬†may recognize right¬†away, while others may be a little more ¬†obscure.¬† I picked them mainly because of their obscurity because I believe they should be seen.

Btw, I have NOT put them in any particular order of preference or rating for this listing:

NO. 1 –¬† Safetey Not Guaranteed


I recently saw this first one above on a¬†whim as I was clicking through my Netflix account. I read the premise and I was hooked. You see, I’m a sucker for almost anything¬†that involves time travel big or small. It’s about¬†a guy who puts out¬†a want¬†ad in¬†the newspaper claiming he has invented a¬†time machine and wants a companion on the trip.¬† “Safety is not Guaranteed and by the way bring your own weapons”.¬† The movie plays on many subtle levels and I don’t think you will be disappointed. And I will not give¬†away any plot points¬†because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you.

NO. 2 – Dark City


Now Dark City; I saw this movie ¬†a while back in the early part of the 2000’s on video…I never¬† did see it¬†in the theatres when in it opened in 1998 but wished I had. This movie to¬†me was very ethereal to me.¬†Besides having an ensemble cast of great actors, like Rufus Sewell,Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, and Jennifer Connelly,¬†¬†this movie dragged you into this world of Alice in¬†Wonderland meets the Matrix.¬†¬†This was probably where the Wachowskis Brothers (sorry brother & sister now) got the idea¬†for their¬† Matrix movie. This movie put a man in¬†maze like a rat and told him¬†to find your way out…and in the end¬†he did so much more…he thrived and won through bending the maze to his will.

NO. 3 – Groundhog Day


Ah Bill Murray, how I have loved him in so many roles and none more than GroundHog Day!¬† If you haven’t seen this one then please crawl out from under the¬†rock you have been living under for too long and go buy it. Yes, go buy it, don’t rent it because¬†you will¬†want to see it more than once down the long line that is your life. He’s a weather man¬†in the middle of a mid-life crisis ¬†who doesn’t know he’s having one until he visits the small town of Punxsutawney in PA. As¬†the same day repeats its over and over and over again¬†NO MATTER what he does. He¬†quickly comes to realize¬†he’s trapped in a virtual world¬†of never-ending days and unless he can figure himself out, he may just go mad. What would you do if every day was the same with no consequences no matter what you did?

NO. 4 -Man From Earth

manfromearthmanfromearth1¬†This story took me by surprise. Made in 2007 and written by a man named Jerome Bixby (who wrote some Star Trek Stories in the 60’s). I found out¬†Jerome actually dictated the final¬†screenplay to his son a screenwriter on his deathbed in 1998. To me right off, it felt like a play on¬†stage¬†for the big screen. It’s a very small and intimate story between a man and his¬†colleagues he¬†has called good friends while working at¬†a University¬†for the last ten years as a teacher. But he has a very big secret…or does he..or is it all just fantasy. It is a very cerebral thought provoking piece of work that will challenge your mind. It may¬†lead you down¬†many different roads of thought about life and your place in it. At least it did for me. What if¬†a friend¬†told you they were a caveman from 14,000 years ago who lived through the ages up until now?

NO 5. Stranger than Fiction


For me Will Ferrell can be hit or miss depending on the roles he plays¬†in any movie I have seen him in. For me, his character in “Stranger¬†than Fiction” hit it out of the park. Here’s a man, named Harold Crick who thinks the world can be¬†enumerated and cataloged¬†and placed in a ¬†nice neat box and tucked safely away. When he starts to hear a voice in his head, more accurately a narrator who tells him how pathetic his life is and then tells him his death may be imminent he begins to rethink what life and¬†really living¬†means to him.


As my title plainly says, I love writing stories based in reality while bringing in the fantastical element, and it can come in many forms. I want to lend to the reader a sense of escapism and allow them to leave their boring life for just a moment while at the same time grounding them to this earth they call their lives  so they can take it with them when they finally close the book.

Sticky Fingers The Movie – Fundraiser

Sticky Fingers: The Movie: THE FINAL FUNDRAISER!

I have a friend who is a up an coming filmmaker who is currently in the process of producing a full length no holds bard animated movie that looks to be a smash. He’s picked up some prominent actors to do some of ¬†the voice overs for the movie. One you might know very well, appeared in Dusk before Dawn, Zombie Apocalypse:Redemption, and many more movies. He goes by the name of FRED “THE HAMMER” WILLIAMSON , and did¬† I forget to¬†mention ¬†also¬† a¬†former professional football star.¬† Please check out the informational link above to the Sticky Fingers Site if you would like to help out in this endeavor.

6 Things that at First Don’t seem too Scary then scare the hell out of you later!

When I try to think of things in my writing that are scary I often  sit at my keyboard for a moment and think hmmm..what would scare ME  if I were reading it.   Now for me its not the Freddy Krugers, or the Jasons or the Michael Meyers. They never did it for me. To me it was the psychological stuff or the sinister things in nature or the things that cut closer to home that got me scared.

So here are¬†my¬†6 top things that at first Don’t seem to Scary then scare the hell out of you later!

1.¬†¬†TREES – You say whaaat Philip? Trees? Really cmon! Think about it.¬† Trees have been used in so many movies to scare the hell out of children. My first experience as a little kid was ‘Wizard of Oz’¬† when those fuckin trees¬† came alive and got pissed off at Dorothy for picking the apples off the tree.¬† That freaked me out as a five year old! Then there’s the ¬†tree in ‘Poltergeist’ that reached¬†into¬†the kid’s¬†room¬†¬†and grabbed his ass out through the window and tried to eat him.¬† Let’s also not forget the young¬†woman in ‘Evil Dead’ that was almost raped by¬†a tree.¬†So yes, Trees ladies and gentleman ..those fuckin Trees.

2. WATER¬†– Now water¬†is one of those subtle fears.¬†¬†For me, when I first saw the movie ‘Jaws’ it wasn’t the¬†shark that scared me it was the water., 75% of this planet is covered by water and most of it unexplored. You know how much crazy¬†shit we haven’t run into yet in the ocean? Forget Bigfoot. He’s got nothing on¬†all the things in the¬†big blue. Let’s not forget movies like the first ‘Final Destination’, which so eloquently portrayed water as the villian in the story,¬† Death¬†wanting its just dessert. I never looked at water the same again¬†after that movie. It’s a sneaky bastard…

3. Semi-Intelligent Animals that Stare too Much – Okay, you all know what I’m talking about here. You have a pet, be it a dog, a cat, a bird, or a flipping guinea pig.¬† There comes a time when your just sitting there minding your own business. Maybe you’re watching tv, reading a book, or even sleeping and you feel you’re being watched.¬† You look up and you see these eyes staring directly into your soul. Why is it staring into your soul. I don’t know but leave it alone. It’s mine.¬† I love my pets but I don’t trust¬† them. Don’t turn your back on them my friend, they are just waiting to pounce…

4. People That¬† are Just too Nice –¬† Why is it that I cringe inside whenever someone smiles at me, or acts like they are my¬†best friend after only knowing me for a just few minutes? Is it because I’m anti-social? Possibly, most people do annoy the hell of¬† me in a short amount of time. But that’s besides the point. It just creeps me out man. How many movies start out with the “nice guy”, or¬† the “congenial man”, ¬†and you just know he’s the¬†one who’s doing all the killing around town. It’s not usually the town dick who’s doing all the killing, he’s just ¬†the distraction for the real culprit Mr. Green Jeans.¬† Remember¬† Norman Bates in ‘Pscyho’, John Lithgow in ‘Dexter’ as the Trinity Killer or the Sheriff in ‘Along Came A Spider’.

5. EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon – You would think EVPs would be scary right off the bat, but they’re not.¬† I have watched many epsiodes of Ghost Hunters and all the other fly by night wanna be paranormal¬†shows.¬† Most of these “investigators” can’t recite the alphabet and they are supposed to convince me that they can discover otherworldly phenomenon by¬†asking its name, only to run like a pussy down a dark corridor because a mouse or raccoon was scuffling around in the night.¬† I have never really¬† heard¬† an EVP¬†with a¬†concrete message in it ¬†that wasn’t either garbled so badly you could make up¬†anything you wanted or that is was suspect to contamination by the surrounding idiot investigators. Well my family and I had ¬†had¬†seen enough of these so called professionals. My wife, son and I ventured out¬†to a well known site¬† where a boy had been killed many many¬†years before and where his ghost was said to have been seen and heard on several occasions.¬† We brought along a voice recorder for EVPs and a digital camera¬†. Before we went out we established rules of conduct for the investigiation. ¬†The most important was that when doing the EVP no one was to say a word after a question was asked on the recording, That way we would know it was a clean recording for sure and also take note ¬†of any background noise at the same time. Well after our outing we saw nothing on the pictures, but when we played the recorder back on one ¬†of our questions¬†directed to the dead¬†boy, we all distinctly heard “Put that away!”¬† To this day we cannot explain it. It is not any one of us on the recorder . Creepy.

6. Cute Children who Either Worship Some Creature in the Corn Field and will kill¬†you on site if you’re over sixteen or Very cute kids who have perfectly coiffed blonde hair and glowing eyes with deadly ¬†mind powers or a¬† young innocent little girl¬†who¬†laughs and is like any other normal girl until she gets possessed by a demon and her head does a 360 spin while buckets of vomit spew from her all the while cussing ¬†like a sailor. (Yeah, I know it was long title for the ¬†last one on my list) –¬† Basically any seemingly¬†innocent looking¬†child that¬†is¬†evil or turns evil freaks me out…for example¬†the little kid in ‘Pet Semetary’, or even the the kids in ‘Lord of the Flies’ when half of¬†them¬†go postal.¬† Or McCauly Caulkins as the ‘The Good Son’.¬† I could go on and on.¬† Take this as a serious warning more so than even for¬†your pets….watch your kids closely, very closely.

Yes don’t be fooled by this cute face….or it may be the last thing you see.¬† Is there anyone out there that would like to add to this list above? ¬†Remember it’s the not something that should be obvious right away.

I was gonna add Old People to the list but I didn’t wanna be accused of ageism.¬†

Remember the creepy old guy in Poltergeist that came to the screen door…or the little old Lady in Legion that jumped like a Amazon Toad on the walls of the restaurant?¬† Ok you twisted my arm so yeah definitely Old¬† people also. So here you go¬† Number 7 below…:)