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Take Me – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – Poem #14


Take Me –

If I should die before I wake, I pray thee  Lord my soul to take…

Let me wander free of me,

Let me wander far of field

of the flies and maggots

which fester upon

my  rotting flesh.

My mind is not my own

as I walk this earth I once

called home.

Take me, for I do wish to remain

a husk of hunger

never knowing peace.

Take me so I may

finally fall  asleep.

by Philip Wardlow

I am Fighting Zombies this week – A gif


Life can feel like this sometimes, a never-ending horde of zombies.

But you gotta punch, kick, …fight fight fight…

and say “fuck you little dead eyed bastards….”

’til eventually you are the  last one standing.

by Philip Wardlow

WALKING DEAD Gif – We need something until next FALL!

The Walking Dead Season finale just aired last Sunday….now what are we going to do for riveting Zombie Horror entertainment?  Well I found a Gif to keep  us all entertained in the meantime while we wait the agonizing six months until the next season gets aired….if you don’t watch Walking Dead then you won’t get it…watch out Sheriff Rick and the rest…The Governor and his two reluctant henchman are grooving in a world of dead people! Enjoy!



ADDED an entertaining Video Below as well , you gotta check it out!






Sticky Fingers The Movie – Fundraiser

Sticky Fingers: The Movie: THE FINAL FUNDRAISER!

I have a friend who is a up an coming filmmaker who is currently in the process of producing a full length no holds bard animated movie that looks to be a smash. He’s picked up some prominent actors to do some of  the voice overs for the movie. One you might know very well, appeared in Dusk before Dawn, Zombie Apocalypse:Redemption, and many more movies. He goes by the name of FRED “THE HAMMER” WILLIAMSON , and did  I forget to mention  also  a former professional football star.  Please check out the informational link above to the Sticky Fingers Site if you would like to help out in this endeavor.


If Zombies could talk they would

probably sound just like you.

You’re just a walking stick of bones

with a speech impediment.

Dull and lifeless,

it seems you don’t  have a clue.

You shamble around in a daze,

seemingly half crazed, while spittle

forms around you in a pool.

Your brain must be brimming with

maggots all the way to the core.


Hey, your ears are bleeding profusely,

and here I thought I was just being ignored.

Wait here,  I’ve got something for you that might

clear that up…..

Steady, Steady, don’t move,   click  BOOM!

All Better my friend