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Rest in Peace Harold Ramis….Or Shake up the Afterlife like you did this one.


List of Movies Harold Ramis, wrote or helped write, acted in, or directed  (or all three at once) –

Animal House


Heavy Metal (voice acting)


Ghostbusters I, II

National Lampoons Vacation


Groundhog Day



Love Affair

High Fidelity

Orange County

The Last Kiss

Back to School

Analyze This

Analyze That

As Good as it Gets

The Ice Harvest

Club Paradise


Stuart Saves His Family


Knocked Up

Walk Hard: The Dewy Cox Story

Year One

Gilligan you Lucky Bastard – A Commentary


September 26, 1964 – September 4, 1967    That was the time span when Gilligan’s Island first aired  in monchromatic Black and White Film all the way to when it finally ended  98 episodes later in full on color for the last two years of its run on television…

Now I wasn’t around back then when the final episodes aired but I might  have been percolating down the line in a few years later between the eyes of my mother and father….(enough with thaat thank  you…)

I only saw this program in reruns much like a lot of shows around the time as I was growing up as a youngin’.

What got me about this show…and believe me I noticed, was it’s overt sexualism. I don’t think there was  an episode where there was not flirting going on.

I only bring this up is because often in the past  I had been accused by my wife of flirting too much with the opposite sex….at first I denied it saying you must be crazy…I’m not a flirt…I’m just friendly…and a  sensitive guy.  (which I am btw…and sincere)

Then as I got older I came to be more self aware of  how I act with the opposite sex. And she was right,  I am very flirtatious…but where did this fliratiousness come from?  How did it originate…was it something innate in my DNA  makeup…was I born this way?

I analyzed my childhood growing up, thinking back to my very first kiss… to you know….you knoooow…. the deed we all (well almost all) as teenagers eventually get to experience… its sex …okay  I said it sex…you happy? Anyways moving on…

I think I have, we shall say, always had an appreciation for the opposite sex from the time my brain kicked on and I started thinking for myself  (ya know the stage where you can feed and go to the bathroom without any assistance…some guys my age now still need assistance there)

I found myself rememembering back to when I was about three years old in daycare liking that little girl with the big brown eyes and the short bob haircut who had a pretty smile.  I remember smiling whenever she smiled…I recognized her prettiness when I was three! I just had to be around her…snack time, doing a puzzle, arts & craft…, just in case she looked my way…I was there to smile back.

Then came the neighbor girls when I was about six or seven, they would play these silly games of you can’t catch me….well I was a fast runner and I usually did…one time or two I was rewarded with a  kiss behind the garage.

The thing is, I wasn’t a flirt just yet. I never made any overtures of charming platitudes thrown their way to illicit a response or gave them one of my cookies from my lunch. It wasn’t until probably in fifth or sixth grade that I felt that there was something about these things called girls…hmmm they were so different than guys who were friends…they had these big eyes, glorious smiles, and now they started to smell good…and something was growing on them…what were those bumps all about in the front on her chest…(yes my mom had them but you do not go there as a kid)

What was this wonderous creature …called girl?

Well Gilligan’s Island pointed me in a certain direction of how to attain such beauties. As I grew older watching this show with all it’s sexual inneuedo  and inferences to things best not thought on as a little kid I grew to hate Gilligan himself in certain ways…

Here were these two obviously beautiful women who constantly put him in these compromising positions, fueling his inner fires and he fought against it or was completely blind to it.

It frustrated the hell out of me!

Here you are Gilligan, you Lucky Bastard,  on this deserted island where you are the youngest of four men trapped for god knows how long and you never, if you will excuse my language, tapped that ass?  I thought at the tender age of probably twelve that it was his male imperative to do so..and he failed.

From then after that realization,  my psyche I’m thinking, promised itself not to be such a dumb ass.

So I’m a flirt and it’s all Gilligans fault…:)


Reality Set in the Fantastic – 5 Movies which move me to write the way I write

I have seen many movies….I mean many many movies. Probably not as many as some of the people  I  follow who are real movie reviewers unlike me in the blogsphere. They are  the real diehards I have come to know in this thing we call the internet.

I am simply, myself, an avid moviegoer who likes to traverse through  all movies, not really caring for one genre over the other. I look for good quality and uniqueness in the story & characters. I could find it in horror,a drama, a comedy, an action flick , sci-fi, or a fantasy movie.

I found that certain movies have shaped me as a writer in the direction I wish to go in my craft. The five  I have listed below barely scratch the surface for what has moved or shaped me but they are a good sampling to show you where my head is at. I highly recommend seeing any and all of them if you haven’t already. Some of the five I picked  you may recognize right away, while others may be a little more  obscure.  I picked them mainly because of their obscurity because I believe they should be seen.

Btw, I have NOT put them in any particular order of preference or rating for this listing:

NO. 1 –  Safetey Not Guaranteed


I recently saw this first one above on a whim as I was clicking through my Netflix account. I read the premise and I was hooked. You see, I’m a sucker for almost anything that involves time travel big or small. It’s about a guy who puts out a want ad in the newspaper claiming he has invented a time machine and wants a companion on the trip.  “Safety is not Guaranteed and by the way bring your own weapons”.  The movie plays on many subtle levels and I don’t think you will be disappointed. And I will not give away any plot points because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you.

NO. 2 – Dark City


Now Dark City; I saw this movie  a while back in the early part of the 2000’s on video…I never  did see it in the theatres when in it opened in 1998 but wished I had. This movie to me was very ethereal to me. Besides having an ensemble cast of great actors, like Rufus Sewell,Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, and Jennifer Connelly,  this movie dragged you into this world of Alice in Wonderland meets the Matrix.  This was probably where the Wachowskis Brothers (sorry brother & sister now) got the idea for their  Matrix movie. This movie put a man in maze like a rat and told him to find your way out…and in the end he did so much more…he thrived and won through bending the maze to his will.

NO. 3 – Groundhog Day


Ah Bill Murray, how I have loved him in so many roles and none more than GroundHog Day!  If you haven’t seen this one then please crawl out from under the rock you have been living under for too long and go buy it. Yes, go buy it, don’t rent it because you will want to see it more than once down the long line that is your life. He’s a weather man in the middle of a mid-life crisis  who doesn’t know he’s having one until he visits the small town of Punxsutawney in PA. As the same day repeats its over and over and over again NO MATTER what he does. He quickly comes to realize he’s trapped in a virtual world of never-ending days and unless he can figure himself out, he may just go mad. What would you do if every day was the same with no consequences no matter what you did?

NO. 4 -Man From Earth

manfromearthmanfromearth1 This story took me by surprise. Made in 2007 and written by a man named Jerome Bixby (who wrote some Star Trek Stories in the 60’s). I found out Jerome actually dictated the final screenplay to his son a screenwriter on his deathbed in 1998. To me right off, it felt like a play on stage for the big screen. It’s a very small and intimate story between a man and his colleagues he has called good friends while working at a University for the last ten years as a teacher. But he has a very big secret…or does he..or is it all just fantasy. It is a very cerebral thought provoking piece of work that will challenge your mind. It may lead you down many different roads of thought about life and your place in it. At least it did for me. What if a friend told you they were a caveman from 14,000 years ago who lived through the ages up until now?

NO 5. Stranger than Fiction


For me Will Ferrell can be hit or miss depending on the roles he plays in any movie I have seen him in. For me, his character in “Stranger than Fiction” hit it out of the park. Here’s a man, named Harold Crick who thinks the world can be enumerated and cataloged and placed in a  nice neat box and tucked safely away. When he starts to hear a voice in his head, more accurately a narrator who tells him how pathetic his life is and then tells him his death may be imminent he begins to rethink what life and really living means to him.


As my title plainly says, I love writing stories based in reality while bringing in the fantastical element, and it can come in many forms. I want to lend to the reader a sense of escapism and allow them to leave their boring life for just a moment while at the same time grounding them to this earth they call their lives  so they can take it with them when they finally close the book.


Well, the votes are in. I asked my readers a few weeks ago to check out the sixteen Bad Ass Woman of Fantasy and Horror I listed in my Blog to see which TWO they would wish to see in a fight and to find who would win (at least in my mind anyways).  After tallying the  over overabundance of votes from my readers and followers we have a MATCH UP!

Actually I am being sarcastic.  I did not get ONE VOTE from any of my followers or readers to my page. Thank you very much.

I guess BADASS WOMAN are not that  important in the world!  No respect I tell you..Oh well, be that as it may, I promised a fight and I’m gonna give you a fight DAMMIT! Besides this was not only a challenge to my readers, it was also to myself as a writer to work on creating good fight sequences….practice practice practice ya know.

I randomly pulled two names from my list out of a hat for the bout and came up with Ta Da !:  Trinity from the Matrix  Movie VS   Lara Croft from Tomb Raider the game (and movies I guess):  I think  that is actually a pretty even match up considering the rest of the women on the list. So here it goes below!

Rumble in the Jungle:

Trinity leaned back in the soft black leather chair as Neo  adjusted her straps.

Neo came in close and whispered in her ear. “I think you’ll like this program. I made it myself, you might say it’s a fantasy of mine.” Neo  smiled at her.

Trinity gave him a curious smile back but said nothing as she settled into the chair.

“We’re ready Neo, we can go anytime.”   Link said standing behind them next to the control panel.

Neo nodded to Link and  gave Trinity a light kiss on the lips. “Ready?” he asked her.

“Always – I wanna see how good of a programmer you’ve become my dear.” she grinned at him challengely.

Neo shoved the connection port into the back of Trinitys skull…and her world went white.

5 milliseconds later …Loading Training Program 4212.10. Jungle Scene – Sequencing..Overlaying…Initiationing Insertion

Trinity found herself standing next to a slow running stream on a  fallen log mottled with green moss and overrun with  brown fungi clinging to its bark.  A myriad of different trees surrounded the spot she stood, most  reached fifty to hundred feet in the air with a few others reaching higher yet up to maybe two-hundred feet or more  high above the main canopy of the  the jungle she now seemd to be in.   – Dense foliage spread out along the ground forming the landscape at ground level enveloping her in a cocoon of rich green plant life.

After taking in the beautiful scenery, the second thing that struck Trinity was that it was  hot as hell, sweat was all already starting to collect and drip from her. She looked down at what she was wearing and had to smile.

On her feet were a set of sturdy brown hiking boots, light but durable with probably good traction.  A pair of skin tight brown cotton shorts came up just shy of her belly button to ride on her hips, the shorts  reached no lower than mid thigh level if that. A well made sports bra of the same brown color  covered the top of her.  Two highly polished silver semi-autos each with a fifteen round clip were strapped to her on either side of her breasts tucked just underneath her armpits. She also noticed she had two throwing knives  strapped to each wrist as well.

Neo you naughty boy.

Why have you been following me, who sent you?”  a womans voice asked from out of the jungle unseen.  A british woman’s voice by the sound of it, Trinity thought. What is Neo playing it. I”ll play along…for now.

“Just out fishing, see.”    Trinity pointed at the stream as if to say, isn’t it obvious,  and gave the woman where ever she was a wide smile; Trinity thought perhaps twenty meters to her left on an out cropping of rock downriver behind a some dense bushes but she had to be sure.

The woman laughed , “Most people use a pole when fishing. I don’t have time for games, tell me who sent you.”

Got her, Trinity thought, definitly twenty meters up on the cropping and defiinitely British. I didnt know Neo had a thing for British women, she mused.

“Well I’m not most people.” Trinity casually walked over to the stream and watched the water for a moment until she spied what she was looking for. Lighting quick she bent and reached into the stream and pulled out a struggling striped fish at the base of its tail. It was as big as her head, Trinity held it up  for the mystery  woman to see. That oughta impress her.

“I must say I’m impre-” The brish woman voice cut off as Trinity  dropped the fish and spun towards the sound of the woman’s voice and let go with one of the throwing knives on her wrist towards the spot. Trinity’s knife  flew straight and true  and hit dead center into the foliage. She was greeted with a solid thunk as it stuck into wood.

Dammit, Trinity thought,  missed.

Trinity sprinted directly  towards the spot along the stream weaving  as she did so whoever it was could not get a bead on her at a distance. She pulled both her guns at the same time firing as she ran directly into the bush ahead of her.

No one jumped out at her. No one fired at. No one said a word. Hmmm,  perhaps I got her. Trinity  approached the bush and came to a halt in front of it.  Most of the bush was destroyed, leaves hung in tatters from its branches with not much left to speak of to call it a bush. The blade she had thrown was stuck deep into the base of it, but no dead woman behind  it.  Trinity realize she had  emptied both her clips from her guns into the now very dead bush and  she had not been given a single extra clip to replace them from the vast inventory of supplies she had been given. Thanks Neo, love you to.

“Just a fishing eh?” the womans voice now seemed to be coming from where she had been standing before  – perhaps behind that tall  thick cacao tree some ten feet beyond the point.

“Didnt know you needed a gun to go fishing, I estimate you have no bullets left in that gun and only one of those knives left on your person unless I’m mistaken.”  The woman sounded very sure of herself , Trinity thought. She was begininning not to like her very much. Hope your enjoying the show Neo.

The woman who was only a voice until now suddenly stepped from behind the tree Trinity had suspected. She was a fair complected woman with very long dark brown hair done up in a  single braid down her back.  She was wearing pretty much  the same outfit as Trinity but with her guns strapped at mid-thigh but  less the knives and was just as tall Trinity..  Trinity saw she had a small grey metal  cube  in her left hand which she held lightly with her thumb hovering over two buttons and she was very pretty. Neo.

“Now, I will ask you one last time, who are you and who sent you, please don’t make me ask you again.” she said grinning at her.

“PAUSE PROGRAM” Trinity said aloud.  All was quiet.,no jungle heat assaulted her body,  no birds chirped, no branches swayed in the wind high up in the canopy,  the stream was frozen in its bed not moving, most of all the bitch wasn’t talking, she was just standing there not moving. I am not jealous, she told herself she’s just a program.

“Scenery is nice but is this best you can do Neo, a jungle girl archeologist in tight brown shorts and a  pony tail with a british accent?” She said to the forest knowing he could hear her.

“Let’s get this over with. RE-Commence PROGRAM” she said. Sound and movement along with the oppressive heat returned.

“My name is Trinity, and Neo sent me to kick your ass. Satisfied” Trinity said.  Time to try something new even he hasn’t  see me do yet.

She slowy pulled the small throwing blade from its holder on her wrist and held it up to reflect the light through the trees then just let it drop to the ground as if to say to the other woman,  See I mean you know harm.  Trinity concentrated then very hard on the metal of the blade she had just dropped, the look of it , the feel, the weight. She felt it.  Ready. She had a theory she wanted to try now.

She drew both of her guns and and pointed them at the woman ” You forgot about the extra bullet in each of the chambers” . Trinity blinked and the woman suddenly wasn’t there. Just empty space where she had once been followed by a popping sound.

Trinity whirled to her right in a heart beat when she heard another popping sound not far away and fired both her guns. Click with the Hammer on both guns. Nothing and Nothing again.

“You were bluffing, why you little bugger.”  She smiled again at Trinity with that wicked grin she was beginning to come to hate already.

“How are you doing that?” Trinity asked calmly behind her sun glasses as she lowered her guns.

“Aah, a little thing I picked up from a Techie friend of mine, certified genuis really.”  She wiggled the little box she held in her hand.

“It creates an inversion in space-time in a localized area and pulls me into it and pops me out the other side. Kinda tickles.” she said and smiled  again at Trinity.

“It’s kind  of fun, you  oughta  try it”  she smiled again Trinity.

“Thanks, maybe I will.”  The knife Trinity had thrown slammed into the womans hand piercing the palm holding the small cube.

Trinity ran for the woman has she sat clutching her bleeding left hand. The woman looked up and saw her running towards her and went for one of her guns. Trinity did the only thing she could do, and that was to throw one of her own guns directly at her. The woman was good, she had her gun drawn and was just about to pull the trigger before the butt of Trinity’s gun caught her full in the chin propelling back and hard to the jungle floor.

 Trinity walked over to her and shoved her with her foot so she laid faced up. She squatted down and grabbed her by her pony-tail and slapped her lightly on the face.

“Wake up.” Trinity slapped her a little harder. The woman moaned and her eyes fluttered opened.

“Now, I wanna know something . What’s your name?” Trinity asked

“You don’t know? It’s Lara, Lara Croft”  the woman said weakly.

“Well Lara Croft, I’m sorry to say this, but it’s Game Over”  The last thing Lara saw was Trinity’s fist connecting with her face.

Training Program 4212.10. Jungle Scene Concluded – Initiationing De-Insertion – System Purge of Program – Ready for acquisition of new program

Trinity opened her eyes slowly, readjusting to the momentary vertigo sometimes felt coming out.

“She’s back” Link said.

“Well, how did you like my new program I will admit I concentrated more on the visuals than the fighting but it was meant to be a strategic training session more so than a combat one and I had to have the setting just so, and what was that with the knife at the end…I’ve never seen you do that before.” Neo asked looking intently at her.

“I can see you worked hard on the visuals.  But I still kicked the visual’s ass, as for the knife, every girl’s got to have  her secrets now doesn’t she.” Trinity leaned in as if she was going to kiss him, but instead got up out of the chair and walked down  the gangplank to go back to her quarters.

She gave Neo a backwards glance, “You coming, I have to change first, maybe into some shorts, it’s so hot in here”  and then she continued on.

Neo followed after and Link just smiled to himself alone next to his console.