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Something Wiccan this way comes


“Do as ye will as long as ye harm none”
Maid, Mother, and Crone
all intone.
Walk these woodlands,
inside and out
letting your spirit
thrive from bone, to eye, to mind.
This natural world is your playground
so play proud, head tall, breasts out
Be divine and in turn know divinity.
The hunt is on in fair woods,
Strength is foraged first, followed by Beauty unmarred,
then comes Power in the will coupled with Compassion,
Mirth as you dance the fire, Reverence as the trance
takes you in Honor of all that is known and unknown
as you finally kneel in Humility
to your Goddess
conveying nature’s kiss upon
each of your sisters
to seal the spell bringing
to bear the Cosmos
within the inscribed circle
upon this Earth you now

by Philip Wardlow 2018




Fortis fortuna adiuvat (Fortune Favors the Bold)

Fortis fortuna adiuvat ~


Goddess of Luck

You shall see me, for I have not

always shone brightly in your eyes.

Perhaps the clouds have hidden my form

beneath your lofty perch..

but I shall give you no more reason to doubtGoddessofLuck

or ignore.

See me!

No longer in shadow shall I be.

See the sun? Ha! It shall pale in comparison.

I shall not be cast aside.

Even if your eyes

were torn out, you will see.

I will attain a greatness to rival even your own.

Oh Lady Luck!

You, who never knew despair,

You, who never touched feet to human ground


What do you know of struggle?

What do you know, to call yourself

my judge and artiber of all that

is me.

You know nothing

when I show you were always wrong

about me.

You will know nothing.


by Philip Wardlow 2015