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Library Fantasy – An Erotic Poem


Library  Fantasy –


Black spectacles perched upon her cute little nose,
hair done up in a bun with neck exposed,
tight skirt that falls just shy of the knees,
she is civic in her duties as she gives me
a smile that beckons to pursue a little
light reading.

I spy her shelving books upon the shelf,
A wish comes to mind to take her behind those
shelves and fuck her in a pile of soft paperbacks.

Preferably fantasy or science fiction,
Yes, I’m a nerd like that.

I want to stroll over and grab a
nice thin book of poetry and bend
her over my knees  and smack her
bare bottom until Yeats, Frost, or Poe
make her release an earth shattering moan.

Shh…please I’m trying to read.

She will kneel in front of me as I
lounge in my reading chair.
She will hand me a book to peruse as
she unbuttons my pants all the while
giving me a very stern stare.

She will go down on me with lips that
love to talk of bibliographies, bestsellers
and her favorite man named Dewey.

I will whisper to her tales of erotica, and
caress her breasts and nipples with
delicate flutterings from the pages of
my book.

Before her work is done,
she will become very intimate with
and my favorite character,
Don Juan.



by Philip Wardlow



Watching you Read – An erotic love Poem


Watching you Read –

Eyes downcast.


Hardbound book in hand,

fingers lay splayed around its spine

caressing it with a familiar grip.

An upward curl of your  lips,

as baby blues dilate


to drink in the words upon the page.

What adventure do you ride into?

What romance causes the rush I

see to come to pale pink cheeks?

Does the beat of your heart quicken, as

the rising action lifts your senses to the edge,

only to send you cascading off a cliff?

You are a mystery written in a foreign tongue, a conundrum, an enigma, a puzzle

within  a puzzle.

Had I the time

to spy all my days

as you luxuriate with knees

drawn up in quiet


lost in a world of someone’s else’s


I would count myself a very

lucky man.

by Philip Wardlow 2014

Various Images related to one of my favorite pastimes – READING!!!

George A. Reid’s evocatively titled “Forbidden Fruit.”
A millon stories in the naked city, from Francois Schuiten.
Don Maitz shows us just how engrossed in a spellbook a wizard can be.
John White Alexander.
Allen Williams for the upcoming anothology, Queen Victoria’s Spellbook.


twin Italian illustrators Anna and Elena Balbusso
Picture 024
My form of meditation…