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They Call Her

They call her autumn
because she
wraps around you
like a flurry of golden leaves
in a whirlwind

You WILL fall for her
simply because her
violent nature demands it,
commands it.

A Tempest,
a wild child
which rides lightening
and flashes a grin that
fucking drives you
to your knees

Just try and stand against
the forces within her
and you will be taught
a cruel lesson about
natures full fury
once unleashed.

But autumn, she is a beauty
a conundrum
a magical journey
if you be so bold to take it

Be you so bold?
To capture the surreal
and hold it close

Could you ever be so lucky?

Come Back as you Fall Away

Photo by Liam Carleton


Autumn rose from languid bed, out of her naked repose

alongside my own.

Against the soft light of day the shadows lengthened

around her curves.

She turned to give a smile as her hair

fluttered in a wind that wasn’t there.

Leaning in, she whispered her discontent

with a delicate kiss, cool and crisp

meant only for me.

I saw her truly then,

a desperation sought after,

a sorrow borrowed,

a beguiling mystery to be followed

But eventually lost.

She was my season, my breath

drawn and exhaled so slowly

as to stop time in its tracks.

Yet, she fell away, eyes downcast

always knowing the direction

she would eventually go.

Don’t, I begged.

but instead live in me.

Through all the dark

and the cold to come, and scorching rays

of days

stay within,

stay within,

And come back to bed with me.


By Philip Wardlow 2016