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Valley, Mountains, Lakes and Waterfalls… Day #7 and #8 of My Wife’s Kenya Safari

Great Rift Valley Lodge


I have recently been in contact with my wife indirectly and very briefly on Facebook when she arrived at her last location during  day #5 and 6 of her trip at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club.

She says she is doing good. Tired but good.  And she told me she had an incident with a monkey.  Incident with a Monkey!!  WTH!   But that’s all I got. No story…guess we will have to wait until she gets back to hear the rest.


NOW she has traveled onto the Great Rift Valley.  And this thing is big…I’m talking 3,000 Miles long extending from Israel and through Kenya to end in Mozambique to the south.

In addition, her location in Kenya puts her at the higest point where the Rift runs at  6,000 Feet high.

She is staying at the aptly named Great Rift Valley Lodge… and she seems to be getting spoiled…AGAIN. Where the hells the roughing coming in it yet?  Now I’m not asking her to run out in the wild  stripped to her bare nothings to find the nearest cave torub two sticks together for warmth.  Well that would be an experience….hmmmm.

I will give her a  break…she has been roughing it enough already I’m sure…she needed this.

So with out further adieu check out some of the area she will be exploring in the Great Rift Valley.

White Rhino in Lake Nakuru
Nyahururu Falls














Where in the World is my wife – Day#2 and #3

I have been keeping an eye on my wife’s 14-DAY Itinerary while in Kenya and I have to assume she touched down safely in Nairobi yesterday,  Sunday at 9;20 pm Kenya Time  (1:20pm our time) . Because I cannot get in contact with her whatsoever…I think she’s avoiding me…ha!

The first night there  she stayed a hotel in Nairobi.  Now she has already set off for her first stop in Kenya.

The Samburu Reserve.  See Pics below –  I Found a map of the reserve along with  pictures of the accommodations she may be staying in there….


Intrepid camp

I’m sure she’s loving it amongst the African wildlife.  I am sure she will bring back actual pics of her stay at each place she’s stays…

She is only staying at this place for a couple of days..then it’s on to the next place…:)


My Lady takes a Trip

My wife, Tisha, is going on Safari to the country of Kenya on the African continent soon in mid-October for fourteen days.  If any one doesn’t know where that is exactly  please take a look below to become educated…truth to tell I had to check a year back or so to make sure exactly where it was…:)


Here in the U.S. , where we live, it will be Autumn when she leaves. There in Kenya , it will be Spring during the semi-rainy season. It’s a good  season to be going. The animals are on the move and the weather is not so hot and dry or wet as other seasons can be there.

I worry for her.  She won’t be alone though. She is going with her mom on the trip along with a group of ten others as part of package deal.  She wanted me to come but the money wasn’t there.  Especially, since we ourselves went on a big trip three years ago to the Caribbean, which I’m still paying on (money well spent mind you)


My wife is going because her mother asked her to, as part of  a Bucket List she wished to fulfill  after her husband died a few years back. Her mom is picking up alot of the costs.

My wife, Tisha, was unsure at first if she should accept the offer.  You see, we had always planned on taking a trip like this together one day. We love Africa;  the land, the people, the culture, and most especially the wildlife.

My wife asked me what I thought she should do.  I told her you would be crazy if you didn’t, plus her mom needed this since her husband had died. She had to do it, I told her.

So she’s going.

This will be the first big trip we haven’t shared. Yes, I envy her.  But more so, I am so very happy for her to be getting this chance.

I also am very proud of her. She’s fearless, my wife.  She is Jack Hanna, Lara Croft and Indiana Jones all rolled into one.  I admire her strength and courage. I know she will be fine.

Hey, she’s my wife…:)