Valley, Mountains, Lakes and Waterfalls… Day #7 and #8 of My Wife’s Kenya Safari

Great Rift Valley Lodge


I have recently been in contact with my wife indirectly and very briefly on Facebook when she arrived at her last location during  day #5 and 6 of her trip at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club.

She says she is doing good. Tired but good.  And she told me she had an incident with a monkey.  Incident with a Monkey!!  WTH!   But that’s all I got. No story…guess we will have to wait until she gets back to hear the rest.


NOW she has traveled onto the Great Rift Valley.  And this thing is big…I’m talking 3,000 Miles long extending from Israel and through Kenya to end in Mozambique to the south.

In addition, her location in Kenya puts her at the higest point where the Rift runs at  6,000 Feet high.

She is staying at the aptly named Great Rift Valley Lodge… and she seems to be getting spoiled…AGAIN. Where the hells the roughing coming in it yet?  Now I’m not asking her to run out in the wild  stripped to her bare nothings to find the nearest cave torub two sticks together for warmth.  Well that would be an experience….hmmmm.

I will give her a  break…she has been roughing it enough already I’m sure…she needed this.

So with out further adieu check out some of the area she will be exploring in the Great Rift Valley.

White Rhino in Lake Nakuru
Nyahururu Falls














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