The Seven Hearts of Her


A Broken heart

Love let her down and pushed her aside, it didn’t keep her company, it didn’t give her a hug

and it never chose to

know her

A Passionate heart

She’ll fall into your arms

Into a full on embrace

Warming to a kiss

To be wanted to be taken

Over and over

A Dear heart

She keeps a love close as a treasure finally found after

a millennia of seeking

Precious, Priceless and Dear

as she thinks the same of her own.

A Fearful heart

Eyes wide and brimming

hands clutching, gripping

holding tight

Voice imploring for her love to

never disappear

An Empathic Heart

She pulls the sadness and plights of others within her

and explodes with a comforting

balm of wise words and consoling

A Humorous Heart

Raucous and irreverent

with an infectious funny

soul along with a smile

and laugh that others always

long to see and hear

A Delicate Heart

She’s strong yet brittle

A fighter yet fear filled

Hard willed yet may fall apart

in your arms in a moment

All she wants is to love

and be loved,  and not

to be precariously left

upon a shelf

and forgotten.

By Philip Wardlow April, 2020


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