Another World – A Poem



Another World –


Always a flash she is,

the light  of the moon catching her at times

when I am out upon the dark deep waters

of the great sea.

I remember locking eyes with her once.

Just once.

A look which pulled at my soul.

A look of wanting, a look

of yearning to approach,

to be seen, to be known,

to be not so alone in

the darkness


Fortune to find me,

but fate made us all fools to believe.

She another life force

beating in an alien world.

Where she dwells, I cannot go, nor can she

venture out.

Locked away in the skittering

of the waves


Just as I am locked in the salt stung air above

never to mingle

never to dance

never to share

a kiss as

the need arises.


by Philip Wardlow  2014







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