Inspiring Blogger Award Received

As you can see above I received a pleasant surprise from one of my followers and fellow bloggers over at Lily Wright of The Arcade of Arts and Arcana.  She so graciously thought me worthy of such a distinction and for that I so graciously thank her most heartily. If she were standing next to me at this very moment I would take her hand in mind and kiss it ever gently as in olden times as to show my honest affection  and appreciation for my work. .

But seriously it is much appreciated to be thought of as inspiring. Thank you again Lily.  Many people on here in the blogosphere inspire me as well which leads me also to want give out some awards myself to some others who I have found inspired me, entertained me greatly,  and made me maybe even perhaps get my eyes just a little watery….just a little mind you. Those awards will be forthcoming in a future blog very soon.

I was told as part of good Award etiquette I should share SEVEN things about myself you might not know…… the mind begans to  wonder…what should I reveal about myself that is new…yet interesting…perhaps even funny for some things…endearing maybe? Perhaps even cool.  Well here goes nothing and something.


First,  I have a Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Okinawan Karate;  I have studied Martial Arts since the age of fourteen.  I went into it originally for recreation but find the discipline of it relaxing and meditative as I perform the various katas…plus i can break boards and pull out your still beating heart from your chest and show it to you….just kidding I don’t break that many boards.

Second, I have been married for almost 17yrs to the same woman and have been with her for 23yrs.  We have had our ups and downs in our relationship but we have gotten through it all and we are each others best friends.  I love her madly.

Third, I have FIVE Cats and a bird.  Names from oldest to youngest:  Abby, Bailey, Mowgli, Zelda,Puffy Ceasar,  and the bird’s name is Buddy ( a Cockatiel). I wish to figure  them as a tax write off but have yet to figure out how. Anybody got any ideas let me know.

Fourth, After ten years of college with a education I didn’t really want and fourteen years in a job that numbs my brain I finally figured out I wanted to be a writer. I think I knew deep down that I did,  I just was either too afraid, lazy or too dim-witted to do anything about it until these last few years. I  hope to make up for all those lost years. Just IMAGINE all the poems, stories,novels,  that I could have written over the years!

Fifth, I really do believe there is magic in the world. You just have to change your perception to the world around you to notice it.

Sixth, From the age of eight to eighteen  I lived in approx 20 different places (one time in a tent) …so I appreciate the little things and it takes a lot to rattle me you might say because I lived  a crazy life growing up.

Seventh,  I want madly to have people see that I am sincere. I want to inspire them to be better than they think they can be.  I want to show myself that I can make you believe in magic to.

Hope you learned something new about me (kinda had to if you read all of this). I will continue to write and always forge ahead no matter the odds to try and get published . Look for more excerpts, short stories and poems here. Check out my old posts for some of my work…it is sure to entertain. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Blogger Award Received”

  1. Someone is bound to discover not only your talent, but your dedication. Its just a matter of time…

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