About Me – Yes I’m forcing you to read About Me…and give you an UPDATE..:)

I have always loved the author who could take a character and make you love/hate him or her and then at the  end of that story actually make you care if they triumphed, lived, loved , or died.

I am currently in the process of becoming just that type of author (for now you must label me a writer) and this is my first step into marketing myself to the people who might be reading my stuff one day.  I hope to hone my craft in the coming months and years through blood  and sweat (not to many tears).  I hope to toll with bloody fingers to pen and paper and the constant punching of the keyboard. I wish the fantastic  to come to life and breath  as I  dredge them up out of the lighted but darks depths inside my head and put them to paper for your enjoyment and my own of course.

In the coming months, years  I will keep you up to date on where I am at in the submission process with all my stories…these things take a while but I’m always pessimistically optimistic about the events in my life…

I will try to keep you entertained with some writing of mine  from the past and present, such as some experimental stories, flash fiction, excerpts from novellas or novels I may be working on or have finished with and sent on to publishers  for submission. I will also show you some of my various poetry which  may entail aspects of fantasy, horror, and the occasional dark matter in life to philiosophical observations of every day life that hope may all be interesting, or thought provoking hopefully.

My style is a work  in a progress but I’m getting there.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening…and watch out for the shadows in the corners ..things like to hide there and just stare at you.

UPDATE on my writing: Be on the lookout  for more Short Story Content to be shown on here exclusively before it goes to the publishers (for consideration, of course heaven forbid they actually liked my stuff right off) and various contests. I am also wrapping my brain around my Novel with some Research and outlining. Eventhough the lead in pages to my Novel may change  I will be releasing a few pages already written from it to give you a hint of how awesome of a writer I am.   (that last part was a sarcastic joke…but it is backed up by yes I am a hell of a writer)  I am beginning to think arrogance and confidence in your writing is a good thing and plus you got to be a little fearless and stupid. (and drink lots of caffeine)

If you don’t know what I’m a about then check out a few of my short stories already on here under my title link at the top of this page entitled “Stories and Story Excerpts” or “Poetry Work”.

Thanks for stopping by or because you were being forced to read this because you love to follow me…:)

One thought on “About Me – Yes I’m forcing you to read About Me…and give you an UPDATE..:)”

  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

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