My Nature – A poem (but not really my nature…really)


My Nature

Like a cosmic sandwich in my hand

I folded space and time

and slipped through to you,

To when you were younger,

innocent, happier, and  ignorant

of your fate cascading towards

you like a deadly comet careening through

a vacuum straight for your heart.

I knew the path you would take around the sun,

a planet on a collision course

that never had a chance to live but

you were so beautiful as you hung there

in the sky…a celestial angel.

Barely out of its primordial soup

from a single celled organism you

were flung to extinction as my

foot first felt the earth.

I am a black hole you see,

for I let nothing escape

when it reaches my event


I consume, I devour…

as I did you under that

ancient fall night sky…an eon ago,

with the bright eyes of  a thousand

stars as my witness to

your cataclysmic destructive end.

It is my nature, my make-up and you were

the unlucky one to have

crossed my path.

By Philip Wardlow 2012

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