Blue Balls of Gentleman – A Poem…(did this happen to me? – I’m not telling)



Blue Balls of a Gentleman

Never was a pain so great
as to leave a man almost
doubled over as he walked.

Such a foul wretch of a woman
she was; to taunt and to flaunt
her wares so, to sidle up alongside me,
yet hold back her ultimate

Never to help me find release
from the tension that she had
caused to exist far below.

True, I could have taken matters into my
own hands like any chaste man should have;
evacuate the cause of all my pent up
pressure and damn her back to the nine hells
where she surely belonged.

But I be not a man to take the easy course;
for I wished her to capitulate in the war
she had waged right outside my castle gate.

Cease this siege woman!

Acquiesce to the desires that I see burning
in your eyes and overcome your coolness
buried deep in your cold keep of a heart.

Grab hold of what you desperately
wish to conquer and I shall relinquish
myself to you with a flood of gratitude.

Perhaps dear lady you will grow
accustomed to my sweet taste.

By Philip Wardlow 2012

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