Star Wars Episode VII ~ Are These The Posters You’re Looking For?

I have to thank fellow blogger over at for spotlighting these beautiful what-if Fan Posters for the upcoming Star Wars Movie in the near Future. They’re Awesome!

I personally love the Millenium Falcon buried in the sand…..I would love to be part of the writers writing the plot for next three movies..OMG…I can see it now…

Two cloaked figures approach through the sand dunes to the decaying and dilapidated ship half buried deep in the drifts…

”Here is where we will find what we have long sought” says one of the figures garbed all in gray.

“Fate, you think, that the sands have shifted to reveal the prize so long sought after all these years by so many?” says the other also cloaked in gray but with bands of black running throughout.

“Perhaps, but Fate is a dour thing left to deeper men than me to sort out. Wouldn’t you agree son.?”

The man turned to him as he asked the question. ” Yes father and I hate to think what mother would do if she found us here.” he grinned to his father as he slogged up the last hill of sand to the broken dark open maw into the ship.

“I imagine her words wouldn’t be pretty, she never did like to mince leave Leia to me…this old scoundrel is still pretty full of charm yet” Han said smiling under a full white beard as he leaned on his son for support as they slowly made their way deeper into the bowels of his old ship….

Lily Wight

     Why spend a fortune on advertising campaigns when you can get the fans to do it for you?

     These pictures are desperate for your comments…

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII ~ Are These The Posters You’re Looking For?”

  1. How about this for the Vader pic?

    “Master, you have summoned me?” Darth Craven stood motionless in his lab and did not turn to his apprentice. “Place the vial in the repository” The young Sith, robed in black walked to the case of steel tubes and pumps, and gently placed the vial of DNA in the chamber as commanded.

    “Excellent. You done the dark side of the force great service this day, Yet there remains one more task you must accomplish.”

    The apprentice bowed and responded as only a pupil in the dark arts of the force could. “What is your will my master?”

    Darth Kraven turned to his young apprentice and with a flick of his wrist lifted his now asphyxiating pupil high into the air, and clenched his fist. “You must die.”

    The young Sith eyes grew wide and his blood vessels burst with a pop as a mist of crimson sprayed over the repository and blood drained into channels leading into vial of DNA. The repository glowed crimson and Darth Kraven smiled as his amethyst eyes glowed and the white of his fanged teeth could be seen in the dark of his onyx face.

    Darth Kraven smiled as he spoke. “Vader shall rise again…and Skywalker and his Jedi will be no more.”

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